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The Tropic of Serpents by Marie Brennan Audiobook {5 Stars}

The Tropic of Serpents by Marie Brennan Audiobook {5 Stars}

The Tropic of Serpents by Marie Brennan
Narrated by Kate Reading
(The Memoirs of Lady Trent #2)
Published by Tor Books on March 4th, 2014
Genres: Adult, Historical Fantasy
Page Length: 331 pages
Audio Length: 10 hrs and 39 mins
How I got my copy: Borrowed
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The thrilling adventure of Lady Trent continues in Marie Brennan's The Tropic of Serpents . . .

Attentive readers of Lady Trent’s earlier memoir, A Natural History of Dragons, are already familiar with how a bookish and determined young woman named Isabella first set out on the historic course that would one day lead her to becoming the world’s premier dragon naturalist. Now, in this remarkably candid second volume, Lady Trent looks back at the next stage of her illustrious (and occasionally scandalous) career.

Three years after her fateful journeys through the forbidding mountains of Vystrana, Mrs. Camherst defies family and convention to embark on an expedition to the war-torn continent of Eriga, home of such exotic draconian species as the grass-dwelling snakes of the savannah, arboreal tree snakes, and, most elusive of all, the legendary swamp-wyrms of the tropics.

The expedition is not an easy one. Accompanied by both an old associate and a runaway heiress, Isabella must brave oppressive heat, merciless fevers, palace intrigues, gossip, and other hazards in order to satisfy her boundless fascination with all things draconian, even if it means venturing deep into the forbidden jungle known as the Green Hell . . . where her courage, resourcefulness, and scientific curiosity will be tested as never before.

5 Stars


  • Wow do I love that narration, so many different accents and voices for every character. I was hesitant to switch to audiobook for this series since I loved reading the physical first book so much, but I also really wanted to make progress faster. I’m happy to report that the narration only enhances the reading experience, so much love.
  • Dragons!!!!! It isn’t a shock that I love this series right? Just that I haven’t read all of them already? Well to further emphasize this point, more types of dragons and analysis of them :D.
  • Discussion of colonialism and England’s history of making assumptions about native peoples. I am always hesitant about fantasy books set in historic time periods that were particularly bad regarding racism, but I think that Tropic of Serpents took this story as an opportunity to point out the problems with England’s history in a fantastical context. Fantasy is an ideal form for these discussions since it gives distance to make the issues seem less like an attack, making the privileged more likely to listen and in the end realize the truth (I hope, that’s my experience at least!).
  • Science that is actually pretty darn good for being about mythical creatures. I’m obviously not really evaluating fantasy stories on the science, but since this series is about the natural history of dragons, it makes sense to talk about the scientific approach at least a bit ;-). If dragons really existed, Lady Trent would definitely be tackling their study in a scientifically rigorous way!


  • Can’t see illustrations in audiobook so make sure you don’t miss them! This was my big hesitation when switching to the audiobook. I remember absolutely loving the illustrations in the first book and am sad that I didn’t get that experience this time around. I just went back through a physical copy of the book after I finished listening, but it isn’t the same ya know?


Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings

Have you read this one? What did you think? Are you excited for it if you haven’t gotten to it yet?
– Anya


 The Tropic of Serpents by Marie Brennan

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