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Two Serpents Rise by Max Gladstone Read-Along {Week 2}

Two Serpents Rise by Max Gladstone Read-Along

Week Two!

We are on week two of our read-along of Two Serpents Rise, meaning we’ve read up to Chapter 29! Thanks to Lisa for this week’s questions :D. Spoilers below for those who haven’t read Two Serpents Rise!

1) So we’re halfway in, and we seem to have uncovered the culprit already… What did you make of the confrontation at Seven Leaf?

I feel like I’m kind of sort of starting to understand how Craft actually works! That battle was pretty awesome in its descriptions and mind tricks and it’s cool seeing how Caleb works with and outside of Craft magic with Mal. Now what shall we do for the rest of the book??

2) Temoc is still turning up at random, and still protesting his innocence. Doth he protest too much…?

I think at this point that he is too obvious a choice as the villain and Gladstone likes to be sneaky about these things ;-). Or maybe Temoc is telling the truth but lying through his truths somehow?? I’m really interested in how everything with him is going to resolve because I know he has to be involved some how but have no idea how!

3) The Red King. Discuss.

I thought I had a good idea of the Red King from book one, but then he went and was less creepy and evil in this week’s reading! I like getting glimpses of how Deathless Kings achieve that status through stories about the Red King too since we didn’t get such an up close view in Three Parts Dead. That moment when Caleb was able to leave the Red King’s room on his own and the Red King said “Interesting” seems like it’s going to be a big deal in the future D:.

4) And let’s not forget Mal! I confess, I did not see any of those surprises coming. What do you think of Caleb’s ‘sweetheart’ now?

Totally didn’t see that coming either! I guess her job is as stressful as I suspected though. It’s interesting that she is working for this guy that seems to not really be on the good side, but she doesn’t seem to think quite along those lines. But then we see her sacrificing to the serpent twins and now I’m confused! I totally thought there was going to be a sex scene there and then it went a completely different direction, ha!

I still want to know more about that goddess that appeared at the explosion last week! Maybe as Caleb now tries to figure out how everything is connected, I’ll get to find out what I want to know ;-).

Have you read Two Serpents Rise? Care to chortle as this newb makes guesses?

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  1. Yep, agreed the Craft magic is becoming a little easier to understand. I also think Temoc is a bit of a red herring really – he just feels too obvious and I actually believe what he’s saying – I’m going to feel like such a sucker if that’s totally wrong at the end.
    Good point about the Red King and Caleb leaving the room – I hadn’t considered that being important at all. There is so much going on here that it’s a bit mind blowing really although discussing it with everyone else really does help to clarify things a bit.
    Lynn :D

    • Hehe, in hindsight, only kind of a red herring, but that’s the best kind, double plot twist! :D

  2. Even tho we followed a Crafter around all of Book 1, I too am feeling like I am getting a better grip on the use of Craft with this book. It was good of Mal to explain some of it while she painted glyphs on a topless Caleb. ;)

    I agree about the Deathless Kings. We heard of them in Three Parts Dead and now our main character has to directly interact with with King Kopil. So many angles to this guy! But if you lived that long you would either be very simple and very good at the 1 or 2 things you do, or you would be very complex.

    I too was expecting some sexytimes. What we got is nearly as good because it adds so much to the story.

    • Hehe, exactly! I like that things weren’t overly explained with Tara since there is no reason for her to talk about things that are obvious to her, but it’s handy having an outsider need it explained now.

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