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Updates from the Lair 3/19/17

Updates from the Lair

Updates from the Lair is my weekly wrap-up post that includes what happened in my real life, what I’ve been reading and my posts from the week. 

Whew, uh hi! So obviously my life was not as back to normal as I thought the last time I wrote one of these…. Eh, it’s part of my new ‘hobbies should be fun’ philosophy, so when I’m busy all weekend, I don’t sweat writing an updates post! So let’s see, I defend my dissertation April 24th, i.e. find out if I pass my PhD (unlikely to fail, but if I didn’t show up it would be bad). Then I have graduation May 5th. Then I fix all the final things in my dissertation before turning it into the university, find out formatting errors, fix again, rinse and repeat! Hopefully it doesn’t take too many tries ;-).

I’m very much in crunch time for the dissertation. Things are good, but I need to actually write up a lot of sections that I have just heavily outlined. Also I was getting some really weird results and then a new theory paper came out directly predicting my results, so that’s cool!

But I’ve been reading of course because I would get really depressed otherwise, woot! Here is what I’m currently reading, not everything I’ve read since the last update since that would be way too much haha.

My Week

Tropic of SerpentsI started the audiobook of Tropic of Serpents and I’m soooooo in love! I will need to go page through my physical copy to see the sketches that I’m missing, but the narrator is so amazing for this series that I have no regrets. DRAGONS!!!! Like seriously I want to grow up to be Isabella…. Still time right? More seriously though, this book, despite being fantastical science, has been a great inspiration to dive back into my actual science after a hard day. Isabella’s love of dragons reminds me how much I also love the natural world and want to uncover its secrets :).

The TurnI have been meaning to read Kim Harrison for a long time and so this new release seemed a good time to try. It’s a prequel to another series and therefore I’m a bit worried that it isn’t actually a good start. There is a lot being thrown at me early on that I assume are just reminders for readers of the main series, but I’m all right so far. Mostly I’m just pumped because the heroine is a scientist :D. Magic/supernatural + geneticist is pretty awesome in my opinion.

Gone with the WitchI get obsessive about things from  time to time (okay I pretty much always have an obsession but it might not be as noticeable as another month’s). A few weeks ago it was sourdough (I have my starter all raised up and have been making weekly bread instead of buying it, which I’ll continue!). Now it is dogs. Since we are finally nearing the point where we will own our own house, I can finally start thinking about getting a dog! Husband, however, has only agreed if it is a low/non-shedding dog and also not a puppy (he’s never had a dog, I want to ease him into it!). Therefore, I’m actually obsessed with ‘designer’ poodle mixes. We don’t want a poodle (he’s prejudice), but the mixes are sooooooo perfect. So if you know of an adult (4 years would be ideal) poodle mix that needs a home near Iowa, let me know!

Oh right, I’m reading Gone with the Witch because it’s about a pet show :D. And in fact that little dog on the cover is a poodle mix. So yeah, it makes me happy and channels my obsession a bit.

And in case you missed it, these were my posts this week:

What are you reading??

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  1. Best of luck finishing up the dissertation! I’m sure you’ll do brilliantly, and then you’ll be a doctor and off to do all the super cool science things! :D

    Dogs are great, though I admit I’m not a big fan of poodles or the poodle mixes. But I’ve met some nice ones, and they’re definitely not a bad choice if you want low/no shedding. I’m sure you’ll bring your husband over to the dark side in no time, haha!
    Kel recently posted…Hunted by Meagan Spooner (3 stars)My Profile

  2. Great news about the dissertation and good luck! I so want to read The Turn. And a couple others here caught my eye too:)
    Laura Thomas recently posted…What’s New On My Bookshelf #199 and The Sunday PostMy Profile

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