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Updates from the Lair 5/24/15

Updates from the Lair

Updates from the Lair is my weekly wrap-up post that includes what happened in my real life, what I’ve been reading, my posts from the week, and what I’m thinking about reading next week (and would love your advice on!). 

My first week of summer work! I had the official conversation with my advisor about what my dissertation chapters will roughly look like and have been working on my various summer projects. I managed to pull the main muscle in my right lower back (ie the one that is super weak from a year of not using it) while packing books, but IcyHot is a miracle that I just discovered and love. I’m trying hard to take it easy, but I really suck at that when it comes to packing and such.

My Week

The Wrath and the DawnI decided to take your recommendations and try listening to The Wrath and the Dawn (partially because Audible’s most recent update keeps crashing so I couldn’t use it….). The narration isn’t my favorite and the heroine is rather indecisive about loving versus killing this guy, but I can see the appeal if you like romance more ;-). I want to know about the magic!

Magic ShiftsI was sent an eARC of Magic Shifts this week and couldn’t resist starting it right away to bribe myself to walk on the treadmill longer (and then pulled my back….). It’s so much fun and I love Kate and Curran soooooooooo much! Once my back is feeling better, I see a lot of walking in order to read more ;-).

The Girl Who Feel Beneath FairylandThis weekend I’ve been home alone since the husband had to work, so I decided to pick up The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland because I needed some whimsical awesomeness to cheer me up! I love September and this writing very much, you all must read this series!

And in case you missed it, these were my posts this week:

Next Week’s Reading

(books up next on the reading list, thoughts?)

The Dragons of Dorcastle Range of Ghosts

I have been on an urban fantasy kick, so I think I’ll be reading The Dragons of Dorcastle next on eARC. I’m planning on being ruthless with the eARCs I read since I’ll be reading them while working out and therefore must be loving them. I also downloaded the audio of Range of Ghosts so if the Audible app starts working again, that’ll be my next audiobook I think!

What are you reading?

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings – Anya

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  1. Oh no! I hope you take it easy and feel better soon! Gah, must yell at library to get more Kate Daniels. D: And I hope you like The Dragons of Dorcastle!
    Kel @ Booked til Tuesday recently posted…The Dragons of Dorcastle by Jack Campbell (3 stars)My Profile

    • I’m feeling better now fortunately, though still just sore enough to remember to take it easy so that’s probably for the best! Hmmm, I’m starting to think I need to stage a Kate Daniels binge reading intervention if your library doesn’t get it together!

  2. I just picked up Magic Slays – its a Kate and Curren type of season I suppose. Have a good week!
    Stephanie recently posted…REVIEW: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald DahlMy Profile

  3. IcyHot is amazing! It was my savior back when I was a bus driver. I’ve also dealt with moving recently, and hopefully will be again soonish (once I find a job). It’s the only time I even somewhat don’t like having my awesome book collection. Hope your back feels better soon!

  4. IcyHot is fantastic! Hopefully your back is better soon; back trouble, as you well know, is painful and inconvenient as all heck.

    Oh, you got Magic Shifts, nice! Enjoy your walking and reading (when your back cooperates).
    Bea @Bea’s Book Nook recently posted…Sunday Book Share #142My Profile

    • It is!! How could I have never tried it before with all my back problems?!?! My back is doing much better this week and I’m being good and doing small amounts of exercise to get it back into shape!

  5. I’m not good at taking it easy when packing either. I helped someone with packing books once and it was fine… until I tried to move a box. It was just a few metres, but it was the moment when I realised how heavy books can be.

    I haven’t heard of any of these books, but as it has magic and dragons, The Dragons of Dorcastle sounds great.
    Hellen recently posted…Review/Reseña – The Young Elites – Marie LuMy Profile

    • Books are so freaking heavy! And you kind of just want to push through and not seem weak, but such a bad idea!

  6. I do hope you warm up to The Wrath and the Dawn Anya. I don’t tend to read for the romance but that one swept me away for some reason! Best of luck with Fairyland # 2 too, I love that series to pieces but personally, I enjoyed #2 a little less than the first one…I need to get to #3 and #4 soon :) Happy reading to you!! x
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Fandom Mashups #3My Profile

  7. I ordered Uprooted (the UK version) and I can’t wait to read it when it gets here. I’ve heard such great things I hope I love it. I really adored The Wrath and the Dawn. I’m iffy on audio books because so much depends on the reader :-( I hope you end up liking it!

    Have a great week Anya :-)

    • Yey, I hope you love Uprooted!! I can’t decide whether to get the UK or US version, both are so pretty, sigh!

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