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Updates from the Lair 6/08/13

Updates from the Lair

So this week was actually a pretty crazy week for me. I have had long term problems with my back (three herniated discs and lots of swelling causing pain) and a while ago I got steroid shots into my vertebrae to try to combat the pain. They worked! For a while…. But since that while was 4+ months, my neurologist (of the spine variety, hehe) decided to go with those again to deal with the returned pain. Now, the first time I got these, I was sobbing on the table because it hurt so much when the steroids were going in. To make this not happen again, my neurologist upped my Valium, woot! I am happy to report that this past Wednesday when I was able to get in for a second round of shots, I only had a couple twinges of pain and otherwise was blissed out ;-). I promptly went home (was driven home, no worries!) and slept for another 4 hours. The rest of the day was a combination of reading and sleeping and getting frozen yogurt. This whole affair broke up the week a bit and the pain before and after has been a bit distracting, but I finished a book in between naps on Wednesday :D. And hopefully I’ll start feeling 100% pain-free by the end of the weekend (it can take 2-5 days for the steroids to start working apparently). Anywho, hopefully that wasn’t TMI, haha.

My Week

Of Poseidon I started on my mermaid summer reading goals this week with Of Poseidon :D. I was a little bit nervous since I had read mixed reviews, but I actually quite enjoyed it. I never was able to get used to the swapping POV (why was it necessary to switch from first to third person and back? WHY??) but the story and world were quite fun! I’ll have to read the copy of Of Triton I have as soon as I finish this review :D.

Some Quiet Place

I also finished Some Quiet Place in my constant struggle to keep up with NetGalley books ;-). This one was a bit odd to tell you the truth. I appreciated the premise and the main character was very well done considering she doesn’t feel emotions. However, especially in the beginning, the scenes were so short and jumping around all over the place that I felt a bit woozy, haha. There were also questions left unanswered about how the supernatural system works and it doesn’t look like there is going to be another book. This always makes me sad because I have a killer curiosity. My brain is threatening to make up its own answers just to get closure, hehe!

All We See and Seem

Finally, I was suuuuuper excited to get a copy of All We See and Seem by Tammy Blackwell in the mail and so had to read it asap. This is a novella set during the final book of the Timber Wolves trilogy and so will have spoilers for those who have finished yet. However, it was so much fun to see the college events that were going on during Fate Succumbs and it just makes me more excited for the next book coming in December :D.

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Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings – A

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  1. Outch! Hope the pain stays away. Glad to hear the valium worked though (:

    I’m looking forward to your review of Sutton’s book, I have that book on my to be read too. It looks really weird too.

  2. It seems like these past few months have been bad ones, health-wise, for so many book bloggers that I know! I hope you’ve gotten some good relief from pain. Are they just treating the pain, or are they looking at a more long-term solution to the problem? (Hope I’m not being too nosy for asking that.)

    • Quite true! So basically my doctor doesn’t think that the herniated discs are pinching a nerve or anything, so surgery wouldn’t actually fix it. There is just a lot of swelling, which is irritating the muscles and causing more swelling in an out of control cycle of pain and spasms. He is hoping that I get 3 months or more of pain relief, and if that is the case then we keep doing this every 3 months or more since the next step is trying to find a nerve to deaden D:

  3. Ooooh, that sounds really rough for your back isses :( I hope you’re feeling better now! You have a pretty good looking week considering but with rest time comes ample reading time too hehe. Anyways yeah, I just finished Some Quiet Place too, I’m still not really sure how I feel about it o.O but my review should be up tomorrow lol, I’ll be looking out for yours to compare notes! Oh and I’m curious about Of Poseidon (of course) so I can’t wait to read your thoughts…and pick it up for myself :D Thanks for the update!

    • Hehe, if only I hadn’t slept the entire day that I had off, I could have gotten even more read! Oo good, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t sure about Some Quiet Place, haha.

  4. Yikes, sorry to hear about all your back troubles! While I haven’t had the experiences you listed up there, I have had THREE spinal taps… so I can understand a bit of your pain when it comes to having needles stuck into your spine. SUCKS. I didn’t get any valium, though! Anyway, I hope it helps and that you feel better soon!

    • Aw, thanks hun! Oof, more needles in the back, no fun D: I suppose they couldn’t mess up the sample huh? I can’t imagine going through that so much, are you better now?

      • Oh, I’m good now, yes. The sad part is that the spinal taps were kinda… eh. The first one was botched because the doc just tried to do it outpatient and didn’t have enough practice or something and was just hurting me over and over. So then we did them with a pro and an x-ray machine. THEN we had to do another one because something about they messed up the measurements in the “successful” one. >_< And in the end, the results were negative for whatever they tested me for. Bah!

  5. Hannah @ Once Upon A Time says:

    Eesh! Doesn’t sound like an overly pleasant week *hugs* Hope you’re feeling a bit better now!

  6. Ooooohhhhh – hope you feel much better soon!!!

  7. Good luck with the steroid shots – I assume you might have to do at least another round? I had an inflamed SI joint a few years ago. First, it took like 3 months for the Spine & Pain docs to ID it, which is ridiculous. But then they gave me a steroid shot directly into the joint, and yes, I was valiumed out for that. I could still feel it, but I didn’t care.

    I need to give Of Posiedon a shot.

    • Hopefully this will be it for a while, I have to wait 3 months for sure apparently since they gave the full dose and can’t give me any more until that time passes. Oo, ouch, I was actually sent to a surgeon first and he was like uh, you don’t need surgery, let’s try some less scary options first…..

      Yes! I quite liked it if you can ignore the switching between first person present and third person present, very confusing…

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