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Updates from the Lair 7/07/13

Updates from the Lair

These last couple of weeks have been nuts! I have a reminder in my calendar to type up this post every week on Friday, but it’s just been one thing or another D: It is admittedly difficult to think about blog posts when you have food poisoning though, good excuse right? In any case, I’ve gotten a fair amount of reading done, but I’m quite excited for this coming week because we’re driving back to Minnesota for the boyfriend’s mother’s wedding, which means lots of reading time for me :D.

My Week

The Sweetest Dark

I finished up The Sweetest Dark this week since I need to read the sequel (The Darkest Night) before it comes out. I’m so happy that I received the second book as an ARC, since otherwise I don’t think I would have looked twice at this series. I LOVED The Sweetest Dark, it was nearly 5 stars, except for a couple oddities. But seriously, historical fiction + dragons + magical music + finishing school. Why is this book not better loved?? (I could be wrong on the level of adoration, but I didn’t hear much about it before :( ). Don’t let the prom dress cover fool you, she’s actually turning into smoke, it makes total sense.

Weight of Souls

I am now currently reading The Weight of Souls on my Kindle and quite enjoying it! I wasn’t sure about the magic system from the synopsis, but it’s a curse which makes much more sense, hehe. And OMG a POC very obviously on the cover! I actually was a bit thrown at the beginning of this book because I didn’t know the places Taylor was referring to, and then I realized it’s because she lives near London, doh! Also, do Brits say “revising” instead of “reviewing” for exams? Or is that a mistake in the ARC? Please help me more knowledgable friends! (I’ve had a lot of coffee this morning, can you tell?)

The Madame Curie Complex

As a female scientist-in-training (ie PhD student), I wanted to get more knowledgable about the pioneering women in the past who had to fight to be recognized for their accomplishments, get any sort of compensation for their work, and were expected to still produce and care for children even while discovering radium. Thus, I got The Madame Curie Complex from the library, which has biographies of many of the women in science in the past and talks about how they dealt with the system they had to work in and how they fought against it. I highly recommend this book to anyone curious, it’s fairly well written, as in I haven’t fallen asleep reading it ;-).

And in case you missed it, here are my posts this week:

(I realized that I forgot to fix this when I first posted, sorry D:)

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Reports from Other Lairs

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Happy Reading!

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  1. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

    Ugh, food poisoning is the worst! I had it when I was 11 or 12, not fun at all. Your excuse is valid! I haven’t heard of any of those books before but really The Sweetest Dark apparently has at least three things I love (historical fiction, dragons and finishing school) so it’s being added to my TBR for sure!

  2. Yikes, sorry to hear you got food poisoning!! Definitely a good excuse to miss a few blog posts o.O hope you’re feeling better! Anyways, WHY have I not heard of The Sweetest Dark before?! It sounds incredible- adding it to my TBR shelf NOW. The Weight of Souls sounds pretty sweet too, congrats on the good looking week :)

    • I know right?? The Sweetest Dark is freaking awesome and I am determined to bring it to the people, haha! I’m so excited to start my ARC of the next book *drools*

  3. I have Weight of Souls for review too – I’m kind of looking forward to it even more now I know that the character is British! And we do say ‘revising for exams’ so don’t worry, it isn’t a mistake :)

    • Yes! Wow, interesting, do you also say that you are revising a paper when you are editing it?

      • We actually don’t really use the word ‘paper’ in that context – we’d call it an ‘essay’. But if we’d written an essay and were re-working it, it could be either reviewing or revising. I think I’d be more likely to say revising…I’m from the North of England though – people from the South might tell you something different :)

        • Whoa, mind is blown. I don’t think I’d be able to understand anyone in England for a while, though I am making it through Weight of Souls okay :D

  4. Now I feel guilty about my own copy of Weight of Souls.


  5. I’m very much looking forward to reading “The Weight of Souls.” If I hadn’t already committed myself to certain books during my current readathon, I’d probably have started reading it already!

  6. the Madame Curie Complex looks very interesting. I am not sure if we have some of her radioactive organs stashed away at work or not. We have others…waiting for them to cool off. Anyhoo, pioneering scientist women are always fascinating reads.

    • Hehe, that’s pretty excellent actually. The book is getting a bit odd as I get to other biographies, since many of the early pioneers made a lot more compromises

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