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Updates from the Lair 9/06/15

Updates from the Lair

Updates from the Lair is my weekly wrap-up post that includes what happened in my real life, what I’ve been reading, my posts from the week, and what I’m thinking about reading next week (and would love your advice on!). 

It’s September! What madness is this?? I’ll tell ya, I’m really glad we ended up doing an October wedding instead of September since August was way too crazy to get the final details figured out! But now everything is sorted, the cake, the flowers, the music, etc. Sorry for missing a post yesterday, didn’t have a chance to write up a review though I have three to write ;-). It just takes a certain energy and mood to write a good review, ya know? I’m very much looking forward to being home for several weeks to get caught up with everything including sleep, ha.

My Week

FirewalkerThe writing of Firewalker was still a weak point, just like book one, but I’m really loving the world of this series and it was addictingly fast to read! I couldn’t help geeking out about all the biology and physics that Angelini gets completely spot on. I was a little worried about the romance getting annoying, but it doesn’t once you get past the slow start ;-). Basically, if you enjoyed book one, go go go! If the writing annoyed you, it still will sadly.

Zer0esI get the impression that Zer0es wasn’t the best book to start with Wendig on since it apparently isn’t his strongest? The AI premise was cool, but it was pretty slow going and never really clicked. I’m curious how things continue though! Definitely good for fans of hard sci-fi.

Havoc RisingI started Havoc Rising since I’ll be reviewing it for a blog tour in October and I’m quite enjoying it! There is a bit of info dumping and I can tell the author really wants to show off all his knowledge of weapons and armor, but now that I’m a quarter in, the magic and myths are cool and unusual so that’s really all I need in urban fantasy ;-). Definitely check it out if you like grittier urban fantasy with a male lead!

Dragon HeartI’m only about twenty pages into Dragon Heart but the dragon has already appeared so I’m a happy camper! I also quite like the main character having a speech difficulty so that all humans think she’s mute, but she is of the opinion that they just can’t understand her ;-).

And in case you missed it, these were my posts this week:

Next Week’s Reading

(books up next on the reading list, thoughts?)

Whispered Visions The Rose Society

Once I finish my current reads, I’ll be caught up on physical review books again, yey! My next e-read is definitely going to be Whispered Visions because I’m so freaking excited to finish that trilogy and I’m going to finally let myself dive into the ALA copy of The Rose Society so that I can then give it away :D.

Happy Reading!

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings – Anya

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  1. Yay! I’m glad you got all the wedding stuff sorted and have a bit of a break to enjoy before the day. Hope everything goes well and you have lots of pretty pictures to share! :)
    Kel recently posted…Updates: A Little Reading…My Profile

    • We got a great photographer so hopefully there will be lots of pictures as long as the leaves cooperate and change color!

  2. Sounds like you have some good books. Good luck with the rest of the wedding preparation! It is hard to believe it’s September already!

  3. September already – before you know it, it will be fall! And I can’t believe the Christmas decorations are already starting to show up in some of the stores. (Good grief!) Congratulations on getting all the wedding planning nailed down.

    Dragon Heart looks good; yours is the second blog I’ve seen it on today. I’ll have to add it to my Goodreads wishlist. :-)
    Lark @ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard recently posted…Sunday Post – 9/06/15My Profile

    • I love fall so much!! I’m hoping that it’s a nice and long season here since it’s gotten chillier already and the trees are starting to turn :D

      Dragon Heart ended up really not working for me unfortunately D:

  4. I always say if you are not in the mood to write a review, then don’t! You’re more than likely to not like the outcome of a “forced” review.

    Yah! Your wedding is getting closer and closer! It will be here before you know it! :)
    Lyn Kaye recently posted…Book Review: StrayMy Profile

    • Very true! Though sometimes I really am just being lazy and once I get into it, I’m happy and can whip out four in a row ;-)

  5. I tell ya, the year is flying by and I don’t know what the hell is going on! HOW can it be September already?! I can only imagine how grateful you are to have one extra month of planning at your disposal! I’m glad to hear that you sound pretty much ready too :D I still need to read Trial by Fire despite all the good stuff I’ve heard about it. Sorry that Firewalker doesn’t seem to be measure up writing-wise but at least the world-building is keeping you entertained :) Happy reading with all your current and upcoming reads ♥
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Review: UprootedMy Profile

    • Everything is coming together fortunately! We’re past the RSVP deadline, so hopefully I’ll be able to nail down the guest count firmly and then everything can be finished :D

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