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Updates from the Lair 10/05/14

Updates from the Lair

Updates from the Lair is my weekly wrap-up post that includes what happened in my real life, what I’ve been reading, my posts from the week, and what I’m thinking about reading next week (and would love your advice on!). 

Oh this week, what is there even to say, hmmm…. So I got completely sidetracked at work on Tuesday because I read Finley Jane’s post on how she lost 50lbs and I was intrigued because I’m pretty sure she is actually a human being and not paid to say these things so I can trust her ;-). I’ve also recently come to terms with the fact that the weight I gained last year is not going to magically go away, or even go away with a modest amount of exercise/trying sometimes to eat a little better, so I need to think seriously about how I can manage stress and be a little healthier. We’ll see what I’ll end up doing, but alternate day fasting has at least some actual science behind it and seems a possibility with my life style and strengths/weaknesses ;-). Anyone else tried it before?

And I had a migraine on Monday which really just sent the tone of not much productivity for the week, boo. I did get most of my parallel programming assignment done though, so I’m not feeling as stressed about that :D.

My Week

The Iron TrialAnd by a lack of productivity, what I really mean is a lack of reading productivity D:. I’m about halfway through The Iron Trial which is a little silly given how fast I read the first half and then just didn’t read much the other nights this week, ha. I’m liking it well enough, though the writing is a little lacking (which makes me sad given the two awesome authors) and it doesn’t have quite the magical wondrous feeling I expect with middle grade fantasy. I’ll see how the second half goes :).

Princess of ThornsThis is my current “I’m power walking at the gym so I can read whatever I want” read and since I have a giveaway going currently, it seemed only proper, or something like that ;-). The world and characters are really great and the girl-disguised-as-a-boy trope is being done very well in Princess of Thorns, yey! I definitely think that all the excitement brewing for it will be worth it!

How to Train Your DragonI’m listening to the book How to Train Your Dragon on audio and it is awesome because 1. David Tennant is the narrator, 2. the story isn’t really like the movie much beyond viking boys riding dragons, so it’s a new story, 3. there is an adorable TALKING dragon :D. I’m having some trouble with the audiobook going between some far ranging sound levels so I have to keep adjusting the volume pretty constantly and miss things/hurt my ears. However, otherwise it is adorable and awesome.

And in case you missed it, these were my posts this week:

Next Week’s Reading

(books up next on the reading list, thoughts?)

All Our Yesterdays Thursdays with the Crown Dreamer's Pool

I finally am going to read All Our Yesterdays so that Kel can’t yell at me ;-). I just downloaded it on Audible and after the 43 minutes I have left of How to Train Your Dragon is done, it’s All Our Yesterdays time :D. I’m planning on reading Thursdays with the Crown as soon as I finish Iron Trial since I was SO excited to get that one at BEA and I refuse to let it pass me by. I freaking love that series so much. I don’t know if I’ll finish Princess of Thorns this week (hopefully, but I’m trying to only read it at the gym to maintain motivation, ha), but if I do, I’ll be starting Dreamer’s Pool because ANNE FREAKING MCCAFFREY blurbed Marillier’s previous books and therefore I am absolutely psyched if Marillier comes even close to McCaffrey’s awesomeness (yes I am a huge Pern fangirl okay? Okay.). *breathes* ahem, so yes, those are the books I’m hoping to start this coming week once I finish the ones I’m currently on :).

Happy Reading!

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings – Anya

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  1. I’ve never gone on an intentional diet exactly (just college and Spain in general ^^), but knowing me, I’d probably have to do something like Nutrisystem where the food is all pre-made and pre-portioned and there are clear boundaries of what I can/can’t eat. I think if I tried fasting every other day, I’d be cranky as all get out and I’d probably eat like a starving pig on the food days. ;)

    Yay for All Our Yesterdays! I’m completely shocked that I finished our challenge first with my notorious procrastination skills. ;)
    Kel @ Booked til Tuesday recently posted…Chasing Power by Sarah Beth Durst eARC (2 stars)My Profile

    • Haha, yeah I’ve been tempted by the pre-made stuff as well, though I kind of hate microwavable food so I worry I would absolutely detest everything they sent D: I’m just fasting two days a week, so there is a nice break between days ;-). The first day (saturday) I was really cranky, but yesterday wasn’t bad at all, I think because I knew that it wouldn’t just keep getting harder, it goes in waves really. There are actually a couple of studies looking at how much people eat on the feed days and find that they only eat about 110% of what they would normally, so you’re still eating fewer calories overall :)

      How can you be surprised?? I’m constantly feeling pulled in about seven directions when it comes to review books D:

  2. Staying healthy when you’re in school is really difficult for most people, I think (it has been for me, anyway!). Good on you for actively trying to work past it and get healthier! As for your reading week, that whole “girl disguised as a boy” trope is my favourite! Clearly I didn’t read the synopsis for Princess of Thorns closely enough, because I had no idea that it was in there. Better order that one for the library! ;)
    Danya @ Fine Print recently posted…Review: Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuireMy Profile

    • Yes exactly, since school is so stressful and unpredictable, it makes being healthy a bazillion times harder it feels like D: I do really love exercising though, so that’s a lucky thing for me, ha.

      Oh yes, Princess of Thorns is perfect for you then!

  3. Fasting is not good, don’t do it. I’m also convinced it has the opposite effect. I don’t really have any other advice, because I’m terrible myself. I’m good in the store, but when it comes time to cook the food I just don’t want to eat green things.

    I love the Iron Trial, but yeah the middle is a bit slow. How much can we watch kids move sand around? I never listen to audio books, but David Tennant, I just might to have to try that one! (I hope I can understand his Scottish accent.) Have you seen him in the new Broadchirch remake Gracepoint? He has an American accent! (Okay, enough fangirling Molly.)

    haha Pern is my sister’s favorite series ever! She’s like that too, if McCaffery reviewed a book, she’ll read it. I wish you luck being healthier. :)
    Molly Mortensen recently posted…Soulless By Amber GarrMy Profile

    • I actually did a lot of snooping on the scientific literature and it really supports the benefits of fasting even more so than ‘regular dieting’ in some studies, the Wikipedia article is a decent summary on the main experimental findings in mice, chimps, and humans ( I know it goes against the more recent dieting advice, but the evidence is pretty convincing :).

      You’ll have no trouble understanding the accent I think since he doesn’t go the full Scottish dialect, haha. I just saw a preview for Gracepoint and did a double take! I think I’ll have to check it out :D

  4. Dude!!! that is exactly how I’m feeling about The Iron Trial – now I’m finding it hard to want to finish it – but I’m going to. It’s just not magical at all for me.
    Tabitha (Not Yet Read) recently posted…Books and Body Exercise: Can they really coexist?My Profile

    • Yup, so disappointing! Can’t win ’em all I guess :-/ I haven’t found anything more to inspire me, so you might just want to DNF so that it doesn’t kill your reading time

  5. Migraines are the worst-I had one a couple of days back and damn it kills your entire day! :/

    I adore the gender bending trope so will check out Princess of Thorns. Literally just finished watching How To Train Your Dragon 2-Totally crushing on Hiccup and really need Toothless in my life right now!

    Hope you enjoy your upcoming reads, Anya! :)
    Nuzaifa @ Say It with Books recently posted…Currently … Page 279 of 365My Profile

    • Ugh, I’m so sorry to hear that D: I’m lucky that mine don’t normally hit until the end of the day, but it means I don’t get any time to myself that day D:

      Gah, I really need to watch How to Train Your Dragon 2! I loved the first movie but just haven’t gone to a movie theater at all this year, haha

  6. This post speaks to me. That diet sounds very manageable. I think I’m totally going to try it. I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, but I’d like to lose some. This doesn’t sound too far off my regular eating habits anyway, so it might actually work.

    I love the How to Train Your Dragon movie. I’ve eyed the book but never actually gone for it yet. I might have to now.
    All Our Yesterdays is a good audiobook. I enjoyed the audio aspect of it, it did add to the story.
    Sarah recently posted…Review: FangirlMy Profile

    • Yey! Haha, that’s exactly how my fiancee felt actually since he is always too busy at work to eat and rarely eats breakfast, so it really wasn’t hard for him to make an early dinner of egg whites, lettuce and veggies and we both felt surprisingly content afterwards so it worked out really well.

      How to Train Your Dragon movie and book are definitely my favorite things in different ways because adorable dragons will always win my heart ;-) I just started All Our Yesterdays today and I’m definitely a fan already :D

  7. I can’t wait to read Dreamer’s Pool! Still a couple more books to polish off to before I get to it though, but I hope it’ll be as good as it looks :)
    Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum recently posted…YA Weekend: Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini TaylorMy Profile

  8. I’ve watched the movie, but I’ve never read the How to Train Your Dragon books. That David Tennant is the narrator makes me want to get the audiobooks and listen to them right now. Does he read the whole series?

    I hope you’re feeling better. I have friends who get migraines and they look really bad when they have one.
    Hellen recently posted…Review/Reseña – Engines of War – George MannMy Profile

    • Indeed he does and wow there are lots of books in that series!

      I’m doing much better, thanks :D I’m pretty sure it was lack of sleep + pushing too hard, so I demanded that the boy and I go to sleep at a decent time Sunday night haha

  9. Wow, that blog post about alternate day fasting is so inspiring! I too have been struggling with a (by now) rather large weight gain since I was seriously sick 2½ years ago. And I think this might be something that would work for me as well…

    And on to the books: I had NO IDEA that the beloved Tennant was the reader for “How to Train your Dragon”! Must.. Start… Listening… Now! Wonderful narrator, I’ve listened to some relatively random books over the years just to have him read them to me. :)
    Camilla recently posted…We Are All Completely FineMy Profile

    • Isn’t it?? You understand why I got completely sidetracked from work eh? ;-) I had my first fasting day for real yesterday and it went pretty well once I had rice cakes to nom on haha

      Oh yes! He’s such a great narrator for How to Train Your Dragon too because his accent works well for vikings for some reason ;-)

  10. Sometimes life gets a bit in the way with stuff like that, and we just have to learn how to roll with it. I can relate though. Still I think you did some good progress this week. When I experience those kinds of week my reading life gets affected really bad. How exciting your listening to All Our Yesterdays next! I loved the audiobook. The narrator is definitely no the best, but the story is!

    I hope this week is better.
    Valeria @ A Touch of Book Madness recently posted…AudioReview: All Our Yesterdays by Cristin TerrillMy Profile

    • Indeed! I have a habit of always overplanning and then being disappointed when I’m not superwoman >.>

      Good to know about All Our Yesterdays! I listened to the sample so I don’t think she’ll annoy me or anything at least :D Thanks!!

  11. I’ve heard good things about Thursdays with the Crown. I haven’t read How to Train Your Dragon, I just know the movie, but I do want to read it someday.

    Sorry to hear about your migraine, those things are evll.

    • I’m super excited to read Thursdays with the Crown, I loved the first two books so much!

      Thanks! I’m feeling much better and my rescue medication did work, just always wipes me out so I went to bed at 8pm that night D:

  12. Yep, I’m slowly coming to terms with my weight gain as well – also happened last year, which was my first year in my master’s program. Alternate day fasting has been in the back of my mind for a while – I read a magazine article on it years and years ago and also thought it fit my strengths/weaknesses. It might be time to try it!

    • Yey grad school *sighs* I made it through my first day and feel pretty awesome today. I still haven’t decided what day during the week would be best for my other fasting day, grrr at life!

  13. Sorry I sidetracked you :D I’m hoping my own story will help others out there, who may be trying to figure out this whole weight loss thing as well :) I’m working on two maintenance posts right now as well, and I’m tentatively planning on putting those up on my blog in November!
    Finley Jayne recently posted…{Friday Edition} Sunday Post & Blog Ahead Sign Up Post!My Profile

    • No no no, it was an awesome sidetracking! I looked into it at work because I was so excited about the idea and couldn’t wait until I got home :D. The boy and I fasted together yesterday and it was tough at times (I get really crabby when hungry >.>) but we made it and felt quite content after our main meal! And then today we ate out to celebrate but weren’t even that tempted to go crazy, haha. I’m so excited to read the maintenance posts! I don’t know if November will come soon enough ;-)

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