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Updates from the Lair 2/02/14

Updates from the Lair

Updates from the Lair is my weekly wrap-up post that includes what happened in my real life, what I’ve been reading, my posts from the week, my book haul for the week, books I added to my wish-list (sort of like Waiting on Wednesday), and what I’m thinking about reading next week (and would love your advice on!). 

Yey it’s February! Which means my birthday is in twenty days, mwahahaha! This week was a bit insane for me since I submitted two papers for peer-reviewed publication on Wednesday (one was due then and the other my co-author just happened to be done with that day). The stress of submitted the one that was due apparently got to me since I was then completely out of it on Thursday and really crabby ;-). I ended up going home early and reading and finished Wakeworld and Perfect Lies, woot! I don’t really know what next week will bring, we’ll see!

My Week

Perfect Lies

I’m a big fan of broken characters and stream-of-consciousness narration, so this series has been a solid win for me. I liked Perfect Lies a lot, though I had some trouble keeping the timelines straight since it felt like there were fewer clues or something this time around. I get the sense that there won’t be a third book? I can’t decide how I feel about that ;-).


I just barely started Dreamwalker after I finished my binge-reading of Perfect Lies on Thursday evening. I’m on page 50 or something and already really enjoying it! It managed to creep me out pretty early on which is a good sign. I’m not a huge fan of prologues, but this one was done very well to give an idea of what the book contains beyond just what the first chapters reveal. I left it at my apartment when I went to the boy’s this weekend since I didn’t want to scuff the hardcover, so I’ll continue it this week ;-).

Death Sworn

I just started this one as well since my buddy Kristen started it and I wanted to read with her ;-). Death Sworn has so far impressed especially because there is a fun twist on the chosen one plot line: Ileni was the most powerful sorceress found in recent generations, but she is losing her power even though she isn’t supposed to be! That combined with a creepy/brilliant master assassin and some hints at a really interesting world have me quite excited! I think I have an extra copy that I’ll be giving away too if memory of my bookshelf serves >.>.

And in case you missed it, these were my posts this week:

Reports from Other Lairs

Check out Sci-fi and Fantasy Friday for the reviews and discussions I found this week!

Spoils and Tribute

Spoils and Tribute is a feature of On Starships and Dragonwings where I tell you about the books I’ve bought and received recently. I promise that I paid for all my spoils and I’m not letting the “tribute” go to my head ;-). I’ve decided to include it in my weekly updates since it’s part of the week. This is basically my version of Tynga’s Stacking the Shelves.



I was feeling crappy on Tuesday and then remembered that it was pub day, so I went and picked up copies of Unbound (I still haven’t read Archived, I’M SORRY D:) and Cruel Beauty. I also spotted a used copy of Altered for $4 or something so I had to grab that. I swear that I had a copy of Crewel so that I was all prepared to binge on this series, but now I can’t find it… crap! Let’s see, I traded for The Program so that arrived and I grabbed School for Good and Evil from the library since my book twin Pabkins loved it and therefore I must read it!



I was very excited to get a package from Scholastic this week with a couple of spring titles, woot! And then I was contacted about reviewing and giving away a copy of Moth and Spark, so look for that in the coming month! (Dragons!!)

Planning to Pillage

(i.e. the books I added to my wishlist this week)

The House of Four Winds

Pirates! Mercedes Lackey! I really don’t need to say more right?

Deep Blue

The book trailer for this one is kind of ridiculous (I’m not a fan of trailers generally), but I’m still hopeful about finding a good mermaid book!

Next Week’s Reading

(books up next on the reading list, thoughts?)

Night Broken NIL The Scroll of Years

So I’ve actually already started Night Broken because I got caught without the book I mean to read on my Kobo at the gym, so I definitely will be finishing that this week because how can I resist really? But then I’m not really sure what to read next. I’ve been meaning to read NIL, but I might be in a fantasy mood. Take a peek at my reading schedule and tell me what to read under the February heading will ya? ;-)

Happy Reading!

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings – Anya

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  1. Jenn @ A Glo-Worm Reads says:

    I really liked Crewel and need to read Altered. I also really enjoyed The Archived and need to read The School of Good and Evil looks really good! And I still need to get my hands on a copy of The Program. It looks like you had a very good week in books :)

    Also, how is it February already?! Time was crawling until that baby popped out and now it’s flying! He’s two weeks old already D:

    • Haha, sounds like you need a sequel read-a-thon ;-)

      Omg agreed, I don’t even have the excuse of a baby and I’m confused!

  2. The Moth and Spark! I want to read that one–looking forward to your giveaway :-) so happy we read Death Sworn together! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, I’d had high hopes and so happy there was no disappointment.

  3. oh errg I did not like Crewel and Altered – looking forward to seeing what you think of those.

    I need to read Archived and Unbound as well! I LOVED Vicious by V. Schwab so I just know I”ll love these. Yes yes you must read School for Good and Evil then we can read World Without Princes together!!

    I can’t wait til Night Broken arrives so I can devour it. Right now my goal is to read two books a day and I’m going strong but you know I’m not getting much else done LOL.

    Haha I agree the Trailer for Deep Blue was ridiculous! But like you hoping the book ends up being good. Hey you have to know it probably costs a ton to make those trailers.

    I need to checkout that NIL title – something I would like you think – if you’re reading it probably means I’d want to also hehe
    Pabkins recently posted…Review: Bubble by Anders de la MotteMy Profile

    • Haha, good to know! I probably won’t get to them for years, but I like collecting books if I find decent used hardcovers >.>

      Omg we should read Archived together :D and I’m soooooo jealous of your two books a day goal! I feel so behind for February D: I’m really tempted to take Thursday off this week to read >.>

      Did you hear that Deep Blue is a packaged book? Now I’m curious how it will be

      Apparently Nil is a lot like Lost in that the spec-fic element is a bit week and there is heavy romance, but I’m enjoying it so far :D

  4. OMG, Mercedes Lackey and pirates! That better be awesome.

    I’m constantly finding myself having trouble picking the next book to read. Hence why I need to make a reading schedule too. I finished an awesome trilogy this week, so I’m having a hangover and just not in the mood to pick up anything.

    I read Night Owls last month and thought it was a fun, old school urban fantasy, so that might work if you’re in the mood for that.

    Congrats on the papers! Hope they go over well.

    • Right??? It looks like it’s a second book actually, so now I need to go investigate, haha

      I thought giving myself some flexibility within each month would be good but now it’s kind of stressing me out, haha. I think part of the problem is that all of these books have been waiting for me for at least a month so they’ve kind of lost their shine even though I was super excited when I first got them D: Which trilogy??

      Yey, that makes me excited! It’s showing up in the mail tomorrow I think, so I might just jump right in :D

      • I binge-read the Milkweed Triptych by Ian Tregillis. I STILL have a book hangover, hah. They’re alternate history, some fantasy/sci-fi.

        I know what you mean about the books losing their shininess! That’s why I want to try the schedule thing for sticking to deadlines. I do well with blog tours, which is why I like to do reviews on tours, because I always have my review ready.

  5. Both Dreamwalker and Death Sworn sound good. I think you grow my wishlist more than anyone else. :)
    Sarah recently posted…Week in review Feb 2My Profile

  6. Yay for your birthday month AND turning in two papers!! February also means there’s only 1 month left till my birthday month hehe I am beyond pumped that you’re enjoying Death Sworn – that one is hotly anticipated for me and I wish I was reading my arc copy right now with you!! Congrats on all the amazing books you got this week too :D I hope you enjoy the School for Good & Evil as much as I did!! I’ve heard amazing things about Cruel Beauty, The Program and Altered so I hope you enjoy those…I still need to crack open my copy of that first one too. Man how can it only be the second month of the year and I already feel behind on my reading haha Enjoy your books Anya xx
    Mimz @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Stacking the Shelves *32*My Profile

    • Woot birthdays :D. Oo yey, you liked School for Good and Evil too?? We tend to have similar taste as well so I’m pumped ;-).

  7. Happy Birthday in advance! And I’m so glad you got both your papers in. That stuff really does stress you out, and then you need a day to decompress once it’s over.

    Giving away a copy of Death Sworn? The book I’ve been dying to read? YES!!! Please, that is. ;)

    I’m interested to see your thoughts on The School for Good and evil. I gave it a quick look and first two-pages read when a friend bought it, and I wasn’t drawn in. Definitely looking forward to reading your thoughts, though! :D
    Kel @ No Cucumber Sandwiches recently posted…Cucumber Updates 2/1My Profile

    • I’m such a weirdo since I never think that those sorts of deadlines will effect me, since I do great under pressure, but it’s always when the pressure is suddenly gone that I get confused. The first day of summer was always a hard day for me as a kid ;-)

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