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Updates from the Lair 2/16/14

Updates from the Lair

Updates from the Lair is my weekly wrap-up post that includes what happened in my real life, what I’ve been reading, my posts from the week, my book haul for the week, books I added to my wish-list (sort of like Waiting on Wednesday), and what I’m thinking about reading next week (and would love your advice on!). 

First things first: hopefully if you are email-subscribed you won’t be getting this post twice. I realized that the posts were showing up weird in emails and so switched to Mail Chimp, so let me know if there are problems! To do that I also had to remove JetPack, so let me know if you see anything wonky please :). This week has been pretty normal I suppose, work was crazy as usual, stuff stuff stuff ;-). I hung out with the boy for Valentine’s Day and he gave me a pair of diamond earrings, they are sparkly :D.

My Week

Night Owls

I read Night Owls this week since I’ll be doing a review for a blog tour early next month. I haven’t read much urban fantasy lately outside of my favorite series, so it was fun to come across a new series that I actually really liked. I definitely recommend this for genre fans, especially if you aren’t big on romance subplots since this one is pretty minimal.

Moth and Spark

I also read Moth and Spark. Look this coming week for a guest post about dragons and a giveaway of this one by the way :D. Moth and Spark has a very heavy romance plot, basically to the point where I consider it a romance book that happens to have a fantasy setting. The first half is all romance and court intrigue. I was not all that happy, but the end was pretty dragon-y, so that helped ;-).

Where the Rock Splits the Sky

I just started Where the Rock Splits the Sky (I really prefer the old cover btw……….) and I’m really enjoying it! It’s a really cool sci-fi premise where aliens stopped the Earth’s rotation and destroyed the Moon when they showed up. Now Megan is trying to find her dad in a spooky place called the Zone where absolutely mad things happen (floating towns, black lightning just to name a few). I’m really excited to see where this one goes!

And in case you missed it, these were my posts this week:

Reports from Other Lairs

Check out Sci-fi and Fantasy Friday for the reviews and discussions I found this week!

Spoils and Tribute

Spoils and Tribute is a feature of On Starships and Dragonwings where I tell you about the books I’ve bought and received recently. I promise that I paid for all my spoils and I’m not letting the “tribute” go to my head ;-). I’ve decided to include it in my weekly updates since it’s part of the week. This is basically my version of Tynga’s Stacking the Shelves.


Archetype and Infinite

I really enjoyed Archetype so I needed to get a pretty hardcover especially when signed copies showed up at the bookstore :D. I also traded for Infinite a bit ago and it appeared this week so now I can read that whole series, yey!

Signed Cinder Scarlet Signed Cress Signed Lunar Chronicles Swag

I was very lucky and got to go to the Cress book tour so now I have signed copies! Also some swag, woot!


Strange Sweet Song Lascar's Dagger The Kiss of Deception

Strange Sweet Song and Lascar’s Dagger are through NetGalley and I was quite excited to get approved for them! The Kiss of Deception is actually a physical copy but I apparently forgot to take a picture before I left for the weekend, haha.

Planning to Pillage

(i.e. the books I added to my wishlist this week)

The Terror of the Southlands

I adored the first book in this pirate middle-grade series so I’m freaking pumped for the second one! These books just make me really happy, haha.

The Blasted Lands

This is another second book that just got a cover. I enjoyed the first book, Seven Forges, so I’m intrigued to see what happens next!

Next Week’s Reading

The Finisher Nil Winner's Curse A Darkling Sea

I’m trying hard to get through all the physical ARCs I have for March or earlier since those publishers had to actually pay to send me ya know? Therefore, I have Finisher and A Darkling Sea which I had requested and then The Winner’s Curse was unsolicited. I’m a bit worried that Winner’s Curse will be too heavy on the romance, thoughts? Oh and Nil is my current eARC and since I’m going to actually go to the gym this week, hopefully I’ll make progress on that >.>.

Happy Reading!

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings – Anya

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  1. Whats that last signature say? I can’t quite make out the little note she put in. So awesome that you got your signed set!!
    Pabkins recently posted…Blog Tour Interview & Giveaway: Night Owls by Lauren M. RoyMy Profile

  2. I just started reading Moth and Spark this morning. Haven’t gotten far enough in to get to the romance though, just dragons and looming war. :P

    • Haha, are you a romance fan?

      • No, but I want to be, if that makes sense. I like the idea of romance novels, but when I actually read them I tend to think that the protagonists are idiots and just end up frustrated. Weirdly, I do better with erotica, because at least the characters there don’t play as many mind games. I want to find a romance novel that I can enjoy, one where I can root for the characters instead of hoping that they will somehow be eaten by Lovecraftian horrors.

        • HAHA, awesome! I generally don’t consider myself a romance person, but there are a couple romances that I’ve gotten quite into, so I think I know how you feel. I generally look for stories that have something else going on and the romance develops naturally ya know?

  3. Enjoy all of the spoils! I hope you enjoyed the Meyer event!
    Scott Pilgrim recently posted…The Finisher by David BaldacciMy Profile

  4. I love the quotes she added to those signed Lunar Chronicles books. Does the last one on Cress say “Hack Away”? I haven’t read that one yet, but knowing it’s a book about Rapunzel puts that tidbit it quite an intriguing context :) Can’t wait to read that one, and Blasted Lands, A Darkling Sea, Night Owls and The Lascar’s Dagger too.
    Mogsy recently posted…Mogsy’s Book Haul – The NetGalley PileMy Profile

    • Haha it does! And it probably means what you think it means ;-). It took me a second to remember the reference, but then I chuckled :D

  5. Oh! I was able to see Meyer on her tour as well! She was so sweet, and I loved her writing advice! What a darling! I wasn’t able to afford all of the books (I read the first two books on my Kindle) but I did buy Cress for signing, since it is my favorite cover (Cinder was my favorite book, and Scarlet is my favorite character).

    I can’t wait to see what you have to say for he Winner’s Curse.
    Lyn Kaye recently posted…Bekka’s 3rd Blogoversary!My Profile

  6. Those signed copies of the Lunar Chronicles are beautiful. I’m reading Cress right now and loving it.
    Rachael @ Rachael Turns Pages recently posted…A Month of Rapunzel AnnouncementMy Profile

  7. Wow to the cover change between Seven Forges and the Blasted Lands. WOuldn’t have known they were the same series.

    I can’t wait for the new Glenda Larke book, I highly underrated author and I am hoping this Orbit release ups her profile a bit.
    Nathan (@reviewbarn) recently posted…International Giveaway: ‘The Book of Apex: Volume Four’My Profile

    • True! Though I think given the Seven Forges ending, there will be some changes to the world in Blasted Lands >.>

      Oo, good to know *bumps up pile*

  8. I think you’ll like The Winner’s Curse–no worries because it’s not too heavy on romance–promise :-) it is perfect! Sad about the Moth and the Spark. Darn. It was good even is there was a lot of mushy stuff? I look forward to your review.

    • Whew! I just started that last night thanks to your reassurance ;-)

      Moth and Spark was all right if you enjoy mushy stuff, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes haha

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