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Updates from the Lair 2/15/15

Updates from the Lair

Updates from the Lair is my weekly wrap-up post that includes what happened in my real life, what I’ve been reading, my posts from the week, and what I’m thinking about reading next week (and would love your advice on!). 

Hi lovely people! Just so you know (since it’s Valentine’s Day weekend and all) I love you all so much and really appreciate being able to talk to you about books and life :D. How was my week? Hmmmm, strange, that’s definitely the theme for the week. I had my MRI of my back on Wednesday and they had to put me under general anesthesia because of how much pain I am in laying flat. Before they could bring me into the room though a code was called for the child that was in there and everyone was freaking out so I hung out on my gurney in a corner for a while which was obviously a bit weird. Everything else went fine though, I didn’t have any of the negative side effects of anesthesia, woot! The one problem though is that even though I was unconscious, apparently my muscles and nerve still freaked out because Wednesday evening and all day Thursday were very painful in new and exciting ways. I’m better now though and spending Valentine’s Day weekend getting caught up on grading and hopefully blog things! Grades are due this evening and then I have two grant proposals due on Friday this week so it’s another crazy week but this should be the end of the craziness for a while :D. Oh and I had an exam that went really well despite massive amounts of pain killers, ha.

My Week

The Awakened KingdomI plowed through The Awakened Kingdom on Saturday morning because I couldn’t resist this novella ;-). It does spoil the major events of the Inheritance Trilogy, but if you have read the trilogy or don’t care about being spoiled, you should DEFINITELY pick this one up because it is so hilarious. A baby godling is the narrator and as she figures things out, she relates them to the reader in really amusing ways.

Kushiel's DartI’m slowly working my way through Kushiel’s Dart with buddy readers Pabkins and Leeanna! I can see why so many fantasy fans adore this series since the world and writing are amazing. I am also really excited to see how sex is handled given Phedre’s preferences and what it really means to be struck by Kushiel’s Dart :D.

Dove ArisingI got the chance to snag an audio copy of Dove Arising so that is my latest audiobook and I’m really enjoying it. The narrator is a bit girly but that is how the main character’s voice is described, so holding true to the character is important. I’m loving the sci-fi Hunger Games style plot that seems to be emerging ;-). I discovered I can listen while grading projects pretty easily as long as the students didn’t screw up too much, so I’ve been getting a fair amount read!

And in case you missed it, these were my posts this week:

Next Week’s Reading

(books up next on the reading list, thoughts?)

Jinn and Juice Winner's Crime

Unless we get a snow week, it’s unlikely I’ll be finishing Kushiel’s Dart this week, so I’ll still be working through that, but I’m planning on starting Jinn and Juice as my next e-read and hoping that a snafu with the review audiobook of Winner’s Crime gets fixed this week so that I can download that as soon as I finish Dove Arising :D.

Happy Reading!

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  1. I hope that next week will be less crazy. I’m curious about the plot of Kushiel’s Dart. I’ve heard great things about it and see it every time that I go to the library, but it’s soooo long that I don’t know if I want to read it anytime soom.
    Hellen recently posted…Review/Reseña – Cannonbridge – Jonathan BarnesMy Profile

    • Ha, it is very long! And pretty slow in the beginning D: But the magic and religious system is really unique and interesting!

  2. I really need to try Kushiel’s Dart as I keep hearing such good things about it. Sorry to hear that the MRI caused more pain for you but hopefully the results will be worth it.
    Bea @Bea’s Book Nook recently posted…Bea Reviews Murder at the Book Group by Maggie KingMy Profile

    • It’s definitely one of those much beloved fantasy series I feel bad not having finished! Thanks <3 The results were definitely worth it since it made my surgeon settle on surgery haha

  3. Hope they figure out how to help your back! I’ve been wanting to read Kushiel’s Dart, hopefully one of these days! I’ll keep my eye out for your review!
    Lisa (@TenaciousReader) recently posted…Review: The Thorn of Dentonhill by Marshall Ryan MarescaMy Profile

    • My current verdict on Kushiel’s is that it is darn slow in the beginning and I couldn’t get into it D:

  4. Wow, sounds like it’s been a seriously intense week. Hopefully when things calm down with work you can take some down time and have a breather! Maybe you’ll even be able to chill out, paint your nails, and listen to audiobooks. The relaxation trifecta! :)

    • I’ve totally still been taking time to paint my nails, who do you think I am?? ;-) Though I’ve found myself concentrating too hard and getting a headache, haha

  5. Winners Crime yes, I’ll be right there with you. I should totally read Jinn and Juice as well.
    Tabitha (Not Yet Read) recently posted…Review: Soulprint by Megan MirandaMy Profile

  6. Interesting haul this week. I still have yet to read Marie Rutkoski’s books. Your other books I’ve not heard about before so I will have thm check them out.

    My haul can be found here
    Michelle @ Much Loved Books recently posted…Book Wars! Wait For You [Wait For You #1] by J.Lynn (72)My Profile

  7. YAY so glad you’re reading Kushiel’s Dart!! It’s easily one of my favourite novels. Can’t wait to see your review of it :)
    Miriam @ Inky Realms recently posted…Fantasy Review: The Eterna Files by Leanna Renee HieberMy Profile

    • Gah, so sorry that I haven’t finished it yet! I realized I wasn’t in the right mood and it definitely requires the right mood ;-)

  8. I’m really sorry about the back pain! Hopefully they can figure out a way to make it feel better. I’ve been wanting to read Kushiel’s Dart, it sounds like it’s a good series.

  9. THE WINNER”S CRIME WAS SO GOOD! Very very painful to read, but so good. I hope you like it! I”m really intrigued by The Awakened Kingdom. A baby godling narrating?! That could be so entertaining.

    I hope your week this week isn’t too crazy! Good luck with your grant proposals and things :)
    Bec @ Readers in Wonderland recently posted…Reading Recommendations: Lovely CouplesMy Profile

    • Omg you must read Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (the first book from the awakened kingdom’s series), you’d love it :D

  10. I am sad to hear about your MRI and the pain, although that’s good you didn’t have any negative side effects of anesthesia. I hope next week will be better despite the craziness. Jinn and Juice looks good, it’s a pretty cover with all that purple. Looking forward to hear what you think of it :).
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #113My Profile

  11. I’m glad the exam went well and the MRI was survived! Good luck getting through the next rush of craziness! :)
    Kel @ Booked til Tuesday recently posted…A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab (Preview Excerpt)My Profile

  12. How’s Kushiel’s Dart? I’ve been thinking of reading it for a while now, but I’m afraid that instead of a plot with some sex it’ll have sex with some plot

    • So far there has only been one sex scene, but I suspect there will be more, haha. She is a prostitute after all ;-). But apparently there is adventure and assassiny things later? I will keep you updated ;-)

    • I’m going to jump in and say that it’s more plot with some sex. It’s been a while since I read it, but I remember that being the main draw. Also, there is purpose and reasoning for the sex, it’s not just thrown in.
      Sarah recently posted…4 Year Blogiversary Reflective and GiveawayMy Profile

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