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Updates from the Lair 2/23/14

Updates from the Lair

Updates from the Lair is my weekly wrap-up post that includes what happened in my real life, what I’ve been reading, my posts from the week, my book haul for the week, books I added to my wish-list (sort of like Waiting on Wednesday), and what I’m thinking about reading next week (and would love your advice on!). 

New Bookshelf!

It’s my birthday! Technically since you’re reading this later, my birthday was Saturday, but still ;-). The most exciting thing this week is therefore the awesome birthday presents I got, including a handmade bookcase from the boy! I picked a winner I did, hehe. And that’s me looking like a dork when I first saw the bookcase and had to hug it >.>. You can also see a pretty card and chocolate in the upper corner :D.

My Week

Throne of GlassI started the Throne of Glass audiobook this week! I saw a review from Kelley and figured this was a great way of finally getting started on this series! I can’t remember how far I got previously when I started it on a plane, so things keeps seeming familiar but hopefully I’ll get passed that soon, haha. I’m really excited about the death of magic themes that are starting to crop up, very intriguing!

The Finisher

I read the Finisher this week as well and let me just say that this is an odd book. It’s definitely middle-grade in its feel, but then there is a lot of British swear words which was weird. It also didn’t have the exploration plot that I was hoping for at all…. I just don’t know about this one….

The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski

I also read The Winner’s Curse! This one is rather addictive even though it’s not the exact fantasy world/plot that I typically enjoy. It was just so easy to read just one more chapter ;-). I’m really excited to see where the rest of the trilogy goes since that ending was very surprising! Thanks for everyone pressuring me to read this one though since it was definitely worth it ;-).

And in case you missed it, these were my posts this week:

Reports from Other Lairs

Check out Sci-fi and Fantasy Friday for the reviews and discussions I found this week!

Spoils and Tribute

Spoils and Tribute is a feature of On Starships and Dragonwings where I tell you about the books I’ve bought and received recently. I promise that I paid for all my spoils and I’m not letting the “tribute” go to my head ;-). I’ve decided to include it in my weekly updates since it’s part of the week. This is basically my version of Tynga’s Stacking the Shelves.


The Golden City

Getting books as presents is the best, therefore when I spotted an Amazon package marked as a gift, I was pumped ;-). My friend Neem has excellent taste in books and I’m so excited to read Golden City!!!

IMG_1435 IMG_1436

There is a slightly better picture of the bookcase so you can see the nice color of the stain which he also did by hand! My boyfriend is excellent, it is true. Also he burnt an engraving into the back so future generations know why this bookcase exists ;-).


Spoils and Tribute

Also all the books! A couple of these packages were delayed due to the storms on the east coast, so there was a lot this week. Deep Blue and Ring and the Crown are fantasy from Disney that look awesome. The two Douglas Hulick books are for a tour and they sound similar to Scott Lynch’s series so I’m pumped. A Turn of Light is actually a reprint from last year, but yey more fantasy for me! Finally, The Door is from Scholastic and I don’t really know what genre it will fit into, but it looks awesome :).

Dissonance Dark Serpent Under Nameless Stars

I’ve been pending for all three of these for a while so it was a nice surprise for them to all be approved at once, haha. A nice variety this week :D.

Planning to Pillage

(i.e. the books I added to my wishlist this week)

Lark Rising

Everyone keeps comparing new books to Kristin Cashore’s but this one looks like it might actually capture the fun fantasy magic feel of the Graceling Realm. I’m excited for nature magic if nothing else :D.

The Night Itself Darkness Hidden

How did I not know about this series?? Urban fantasy + Asian cultural influences? :D *goes to library for book 1*

The Ultra Thin Man

This one is pitched as a sci-fi crime thriller it seems, so I’m curious how much the sci-fi elements will play a role, but it sounds intriguing!

Next Week’s Reading

I’ve gotten through most of the physical ARCs for March, so I’m trying to get through as many of the eARCs as I can though I won’t manage them all. So I’m hoping to finish Nil this week since I’ve been half-reading it for a couple weeks now. Also it’s time for my Words of Radiance speed read this week! :D If I somehow manage to finish that in a week, I’ll start on A Darkling Sea since that is a finished review copy from January and I can do a giveaway with that review, woot!

Nil Words of Radiance A Darkling Sea

Happy Reading!

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings – Anya

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  1. I LOVE your new shelves – the boy’s a keeper for sure ♥ I can not express how excited I am that you’re reading (listening) to ToG :D I sure hope it ends up on your favorite series of all time like it did for me haha

    You got some fantastic books too, I definitely want to read Winner’s Curse, eep! Golden looks amazing too! Congrats on all your bookish spoils and happy reading xx PS- I’m still wishing I was reading WoR right along with you LOL
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Review: The Assassin and the EmpireMy Profile

    • Haha, so agreed! I’m really liking the audio of ToG too, taking it a little slow so that I don’t burn out on audiobooks again, but it’s hard to resist now!

  2. Happy birthday! Love the bookcase. He did a great job on it, and now you have a reason to get more books: it needs to be filled up!
    Sarah recently posted…Review: Spider’s BiteMy Profile

  3. Dang everyone is suddenly getting Among Thieves around here. Now I may have to go find a copy.

    And if this isn’t a world where you can’t hug a bookcase, well I don’t want any part of it.
    Nathan (@reviewbarn) recently posted…Fantasy Review: ‘The Barrow’ by Mark SmylieMy Profile

    • Haha, if you want to know our source, just let me know ;-). Are you already on the Penguin mass market review list?

      Bookcase hugs for everyone!

  4. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers that have started reading the Throne of Glass series – I think I need to join in. I’ve heard that they’re SO good, and I’ve been in a reading slump lately so maybe they’ll get me excited about something again!

    • I hear that they are really fast and so far I agree! They aren’t all that epic on the world-building since it’s really similar to our world in the past, but Celena is a great MC!

  5. You are so lucky you got approved all at once lol. I was sad to get several denials last week but hey i hadn’t requested really from them on edel before so just gotta keep trying.

    I love that bookcase! Joe did such a beautiful job! Your present from me is delayed cause hey I’m still an amateur and i want it to look hang worthy!

    I really liked The Golden City, she has good tastes!
    Pabkins recently posted…Review: Mistwalker by Saundra MitchellMy Profile

  6. Happy belated birthday! Beautiful bookcase…and so many good books. Hope you’ll enjoy Among Thieves and Sworn in Steel. I was so excited to get the tour package too, I read the first book two years ago and have been waiting impatiently for SiS ever since. Something tells me it’ll be worth it :)
    Mogsy recently posted…Mogsy’s Book HaulMy Profile

    • Thanks! Yey, you’re reading Sworn in Steel too for the tour too? :D Woot! I’m really excited to read those, as soon as someone said Scott Lynch I was sold ;-)

  7. Happy Birthday!! Love the bookcase…so beautiful and what a thoughtful boy :-) you had a great week of books!

  8. Happy Birthday!! I missed that yesterday, I was out all day pretty much.
    That bookshelf looks awesome! That’s the prefect gift too.
    The books you got look good even though I haven’t read any. I hope you do enjoy them though :)

    • Haha, thanks and no worries ;-) It’s still my birthday week since my friend and I are celebrating on Friday with birthday cheesecake :D

  9. Happy birthday! The bookcase is an awesome gift. If I didn’t already have so many taking up all the space in my house, I might “accidentally” leave this page open on my browser as a hint to my husband.
    Jenna recently posted…Audiobook Review: Carter Finally Gets It by Brent CrawfordMy Profile

    • HAHA, I love this strategy! I very much got away with asking for the bookcase since I didn’t have anywhere to put my books besides a little one ;-)

  10. Late Happy Birthday!!

    The bookcase looks awesome, such an awesome gift for a book lover! Hope you had a lovely day.

    Also, massive props if you manage to read that Sanderson book in one week. Good luck :D

    • Thanks!!!!

      It’s looking like I might manage to read it this week since I’m going to take Friday off to read >.> *cheats*

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