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Warbreaker Read Along Part 5

Yey! We did it! We finished Warbreaker and it was awesome! This is the final read along post hosted by Once Upon A Time. As a reminder, this post will contain spoilers for the end of the book!

1. There were a whole bunch of character revelations in this last
section of the book. We now know who Warbreaker is, and what
Blushweaver’s motivations are, and who was behind the war, and the
intentions of several characters we suspected. How do you feel, now
that everything’s out in the open?

The Pahn Kal plot makes a lot of sense, and I really love that kind of twist where the character you think you can trust (Bluefingers) ends up having masterminded the whole charade. I loved the revelation that Kalad’s army were the stone statues, it makes so much sense :D.

2. At the beginning of our group read, I asked if you thought the
Returned actually were divine. We saw Lightsong change his mind on his
own divinity, and learned a bit more about the Returned. Has your
answer about divinity changed, then, since the beginning of the book?

I think that it’s less that the Returned themselves are divine and more that they are tools of some higher power. Evidently something chose Lightsong to send back to fix the future, so it seems that the Returned are closer to angels that actual gods.

3. Now that we’ve seen Nightblood in action, firsthand, and know more
about its history, what do you think about it as an object? What are
your thoughts about Vasher’s relationship with the sword?

I guess I’m still a little confused about how something with the order to destroy evil got all black and, well, evil looking. I like the concept of type 4 objects, but I feel like Nightblood’s story was left a little unfinished. Vasher said at one point that he doesn’t know why Nightblood is actually conscious, and it’s not sticking in my head if we ever really get an explanation for why Vasher still carries Nightblood around instead of trying to destroy it. Did I just forget that part? (I read this section on a plane, you’ll have to forgive me :( )

4. Lastly, what are your final thoughts on Warbreaker? How did it
compare to other books you’ve read, and to other Sanderson, if you’ve
read more by him?

I loved Warbreaker! As a standalone it didn’t have quite the lore building that Mistborn did (the only other Sanderson that I’ve read) but I still really loved the plot developments and character building. It’s always important to me to have a few characters that I really like in a book, and Warbreaker definitely pulled that off well. I really wish that there was another book. I feel like there is more that Sanderson could build on and explain, especially with Vivenna going off on a grand adventure with Vasher, so why isn’t there more to read???

What did everyone think? Are you going to be writing a review in addition to the final read a long post?

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-AAnya from About The Story

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  1. I have also wondered about the ability to destroy Nightblood. When Denth got his hands on it, he didn’t destroy it either but sank it into a lake. So, perhaps they have tried and learned the hard and messy way that it is not possible.

    In giving Nightblood the direction the Destroy Evil, it wasn’t given the understanding of how to do that. Maybe Nightblood has to take that evil into itself and over the years has gotten evil looking.

    • Exactly! I really hope that Sanderson does write that sequel that Naithan mentions above, so there is so much to learn :D

  2. Naithin says:


    Jump down to ‘Anticipated Sequels’.

    Clearly Sanderson sees there being much more to Nightblood’s story as well, a point on which I am infinitely grateful, even if it is going to be years before we get to see it.

    But yes, it was a fun read even if not Sanderson’s best. The Bluefinger’s twist was good, and still makes sense in retrospect that he would be nervous in certain areas and saying what he was to Siri. I don’t know that was entirely an act. :)

    • OMG ty ty ty :D So excited to see that!

      And thank you again for hosting this, it was just the kick in the pants I needed to start devouring all Sanderson writing I can find :D

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