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Warbreaker Week 2

Naithin at Once Upon A Time is hosting a read a long for Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson. Here are my week 2 answers. Note that these will contain SPOILERS if you haven’t read up to chapter 23 in the book!!!! 

 Yey week 2! I did most of this reading last week since I was just so excited about the book :D

1) We’ve seen more of Vasher and Nightblood in action and heard perhaps quite a different perspective from the mercenaries. Any thoughts on what Vasher and Nightblood’s nature or motivations may ultimately be?

I really want/hope for Vasher and Nightblood to be noble at heart, but have had to have made some bad or questionable decisions in the past that at least Vasher isn’t happy with. He’s just too cool to be a bad guy; I’m definitely getting more of a misunderstood, grey-area kind of person vibe from him.

2) How about the mercenaries themselves? Denth seems to be spectacularly dangerous; more than we may have suspected. Then there is Tonk Fah and the recently introduced Jewels. Are they playing it level with Vivenna, do you think?

They seem like genuinely good people to me. Jewels is a bit prickly, certainly, but the two we know better seem to be doing a good thing and easily could have screwed-over Vivenna already and haven’t. This makes me hopeful that they won’t do anything too conniving and may even grow as characters from mercenaries to heroes.

3) We – and Siri – were let in on (some of) the secrets surrounding the God King as well, and what has been done to him to keep him in check. Or at least; we’ve seen Siri’s thoughts on why it was done. Do you think she was right? What consequences do you perhaps see arising from her teaching the Godking?

I’m ecstatic for this development! I definitely saw it coming once we started seeing more of the Godking, but I’m really excited to see how this relationship develops and what the Godking becomes once he is more empowered. Obviously there is going to be a big dramatic scene when their little sessions get discovered and maybe the Godking will have to intervene to save Siri’s life, but for now it’s just so cute :D.

4) Blushweaver seems to be working toward some end goal we’re not yet privy to, but we know she is after anyone with Lifeless commands. Any ideas what/who/where her target may be once control of the Lifeless is gained?

Maybe she really does just hate Siri’s people, or maybe she’s gotten fed up with this whole political system and wants to be a God-Queen. I have no idea what her plans are yet, but I’m interested to see them develop and get crushed; she kind of annoys me….

What did everyone else think of this week’s chapters? Anyone else having trouble resisting reading ahead???

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-AAnya from About The Story

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  1. I also find Siri and Susebron cute – her worn out and a little sweaty from bouncing on the bed, him bemused and wanting reading lessons….

    I also want Vasher to be the good guy, just misunderstood. If that is so, what is he doing with such an entity as Nightblood? Is he it’s keeper – to keep society save from it?

  2. I’m having trouble not reading ahead! I really want to see what happens next, there is so much going on but it’s not over complicated, quite a feat.

  3. Naithin says:

    Agreed on pretty much every point, I think! I’m very curious to see what Tonk Fah has rolled up his sleepy-seeming-sleeves that warrants his keeping company with someone like Denth. :)

    I’m managing keeping to the reading schedule pretty well and without any strong desire to rush off ahead, but that’s mostly because I have been reading Brent Week’s NIGHT ANGEL series, and just been devouring it. Midway through the third book already. lol

    • Ooo that must be a pretty awesome series to be able to pull you away from Warbreaker, *adds to read list*

      • Naithin says:

        It is!

        It is actually causing me quite a dilemma in which to read, I’m enjoying both so much. To the point where I’ve been rushing through the Warbreaker section so that I can get back to reading Shadow’s Edge (third book), but now that I’m almost through the Warbreaker section for the week I don’t want that to end either.

        In any case, highly recommended read. :) First book review is up on blog already, hope to get second and third up soonish as well.


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