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Way of Kings Read-Along {Week 4}

Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson Read-along

Week 4!

It’s Wednesday, woot! Time for some awesome Way of Kings discussion *happy dance*. This week is hosted by the lovely Micheline of Lunar Rainbows so be sure to link up your answers and comments on her post! As usual, this post has major spoilers if you haven’t read up to chapter 27!

1.  We seem to be getting more and more proof that there is some ”luck” or magic at play when it comes to Kaladin’s safety,  survival and his skills – especially during those battle scenes.  Even when performing that kata in the Chasm, there was something  incredible about his movements according to the rest of the crew. Initially the blade seemed to be the source of his skills (to me at least) , what do you think might be fueling his powers?  Do you think they’re getting stronger?

Kaladin definitely has some major in his blood it seems. From the first moment that he picked up that spear in his childhood, it’s been clear that there is something special about his fighting skills. I love that Syl added some special effects to his kata too though, haha. I’m suspicious that he is the descendant of one of the Radiants or something, though who knows with the number of magic systems there are! I’m not sure he’s getting stronger really, since he hasn’t been practicing or anything, but I can’t tell if he was always that lucky in battle since we only got to see the one scene from his past. It would be cool if there was an honor/bravery element to it, where the more honorable he is being, the luckier he gets.

2. We were introduced to Navani, King Gavilar’s widow and the current King Elhokar’s mother.  What was your initial impression of her?  There seems to be some complicated history between her and Dalinar,  do you think she might end up being an ally or an eventual hindrance?

I’m honestly not really sure about her. She seems very scheme-y which is a good quality in a queen mother in this setting, and she clearly knows that her son needs some help with his kingdom, but the way she acts towards Dalinar makes my eyebrows raise. I’m curious about why/how Dalinar had his memories erased, which seems to be making this whole situation more awkward for him.

3. What did you make of Sadeas’ maneuver against Dalinar to gain the King’s favor by being named the High Prince of Information?  How do you reconcile his actions with the advice Dalinar received ”to trust” Sadeas?

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!!!! *makes dinosaurs nom on each other* I mean.. uh… That was crappy of him. I suspect Sadeas really thinks he’s doing the best thing he can do for the kingdom, since no one has told him to trust Dalinar, but he sure is making things difficult. I’m hoping that he does turn out trustworthy in the end since it makes his character delectably deep!

4. Where you surprised when Rock admitted to Kaladin that he was seemingly born being able to see the Spren and therefore could see Syl following Kaladin around? That led to a pivotal point for Kaladin, gaining Rock’s favor and then Teft’s.  What were your thoughts on that whole scene? Can you speculate as to why some people are able to see the spren when others cannot?

So it sounds like Rock’s people worship the spren, which is cool. I was certainly surprised but not omg crazy surprised ;-). I can imagine there might be a quality of being worthy of being able to see the spren or even just genetic magic that allows Rock’s people to see them. I’m glad that things are finally starting to look up for Kaladin’s plan and that there are at least a couple of all right guys around him. Though the fact that Teft has admitted that he isn’t trustworthy puts me on edge since I’ve learned to believe Sanderson’s characters when they say these things!

5.  We got to see Adolin confront his father, Dalinar, because of his visions and lay all his cards on the table. Clearly Adolin thinks his father is losing it and his words seemed to shake Dalinar’s own convictions as well.  Do you think this will have a lasting effect on Dalinar’s belief in his visions? Not to mention his acting on them?  Moreover, do you think Adolin will ever be convinced that there is more to Dalinar’s visions any time soon?

It’s kind of understandable that Adolin thinks Dalinar is going nuts, given everything he’s seen. I don’t think this will change Dalinar’s conviction since he’s known all along that everyone who knows thinks that he is losing it. It’s crappy that his son was so crass about it, but I have hope! The whole plan of trying to unite the high princes isn’t going all that well though so perhaps he needs to go back to the drawing board on that one! D:

6.  As if in further indication of Dalinar and Kaladin’s collision course towards one another, Dalinar has agreed to train a bridge crew – without putting them directly into assault or harm’s way (of course, love these two!!). Do you think their joined efforts might be enough to change the way the the other High Princes  go about things during battle?  Especially Sadeas?

I’m so excited!!!!! I can’t quite figure out how Kaladin is going to manage to get Bridge Four transferred, but I also can’t wait to find out *reads ahead* >.>. Given Dalinar’s current situation, I don’t think that he’s going to be able to convince anyone of anything, but I’m hoping that Dalinar can see the potential in Kaladin and help out him and the other bridgemen at least for our merry gang!

So anyone have thoughts on that painting with the giant chull-humanoid looking thing? >.>

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. Sorry I am so horribly late: sometimes my life is just far too complicated! :D 

    1. Considering that the magic system in Warbreaker is based on color, using honor would not be Mr Sanderson’s strangest decision.

    2. Yes, she is rather unsettling for me at the moment and I can’t decide if I trust her or not.

    3. I agree: I hope that Sadeas is not just the Bad Guy and has no extra depth to his character. Somehow I doubt that Mr Sanderson would be so straightforward though.

    5. Poor Adolin: he is so frustrated with his father. However, I think that he will support Dalinar in the long run.

    6. I suspect that Dalinar is not going to convince them to change for several books yet, unfortunately. :(

    I was a little confused by the image: in the contents list it says it is a chasm fiend, but the legend says it’s a void bringer. Does this mean that the two are the same thing???

    • Haha, totally understandable!

      3. The trust that I place in Sanderson’s writing chops is starting to scare me a bit, but since he hasn’t failed me after about seven books, I feel pretty good about it too, haha.

  2. Yes, I wonder about Navani too. It seems that she was scheme-y before she was queen and a mother, though that is a quality that can be useful now. And what is up with Dalinar’s memories concerning his wife? I definitely want to know more about that. The way he talks about it makes me think it was something like a court-ordered memory wipe.

    I really like Rock and Teft. Rock is such a lumbering friendly giant of a chef. And Teft, even with his ‘don’t trust me’ thing, which I think is more self-doubt, still seems to be a straight-up kind of guy. And there was all that quality male-bonding time as they pressed sap from the reeds.

    Ah, the big chull in the painting that someone ID’ed as a Void bringer. Interesting. Was it Dalinar that speculated that the giant chull, while not a voidbringer, is something that the Alethi, and perhaps others, had not seen in living memory. So that means a past civilization knew about giant chulls (Chasm Fiends), which means they were around before the Shattered Plains got shattered? I think i have that all right. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how Sanderson unravels this mystery.

    • Right?? They keep referring to his memory being wiped and I’m like wtf why????

      So now that I’ve read this week’s reading that picture makes a whole lot more sense, I kind of feel like it should have been placed later in the book…

  3. The first time I read this novel I didn’t think much about the connection between the Radiants and the present-day characters but this time around I agree, Kaladin definitely has to be connected in some way! I just wonder exactly how…and whether it will be revealed any time soon, lol

    Rock’s people sounds very interesting and adds another layer of complexity to the world-building.

    • Haha, since you’ve already read the book, I suspect you know the answers to some of those questions ;-)

      I hope that we get to see more of the world, including where Rock is from, in this book or the next. Those interludes are a good opportunity for that >.>

  4. It would be more interesting if Sadeas turns out to be a thoroughly unlikeable character, but one who is actually on Elhokar and Dalinar’s side. I hope it goes that way. For Teft, I kind of interpreted that as, “I want to help you, but don’t count on me for anything dangerous, selfless or noble.” That could be a problem, since Kaladin seems to have a nice habit of assuming people can be better than they are (except for lighteyes nobles, of course). I hope his trust in Teft doesn’t backfire.
    Allie recently posted…Read-Along: The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, Part 4My Profile

  5. It seems like we’re all gagging to see Kaladin and Dalinar finally meet up – which probably means it won’t be until the end!
    I like your thought about Kaladin in relation to honour/abilities. Very interesting.
    Like you – I hope Sadeas doesn’t turn out to be predictable. It’s just too obvious if he really does turn out to be the baddie – but in spite of feeling like this I still don’t trust him!
    Lynn :D

    • Haha, oh no, that’s such a good point, crap! Well now I must do the reading for this week so I can find out ;-)

  6. I don’t know why I’m thinking Kaladin’s powers might be getting stronger…I mean when we met him he had a Shard blade and everything so his being impressive just kind of blended in with everything else. Now he doesn’t even have his blade so his abilities seem almost more impressive now – what with him possibly draining spheres of their storm power XD

    Anyways, yeah I’m bouncing up and down at the possibility of Kaladin and Dalinar meeting up :D I want to get to that part in the book, like NOW! You’re right though, Dalinar’s situation needs to improve drastically for anyone to rally behind him at this point. But I have a feeling a BIG something might be nearing on the horizon D:

    PS- the drawing of the Voidbringer was EPIC. And terrifying!
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows recently posted…Way of Kings RAL Week 4My Profile

    • Wait, he had a shardblade? For some reason I can’t remember that, haha.

      Oh it’s a Voidbringer! Gotcha :D I didn’t get that for some reason, haha *fail*. I think you’re right, we’re probably nearing the first big event to get the action going since Dalinar needs some help, haha

  7. I totally agree with you about Sadeas. If he turns out to be a super good guy that will be surprising–and therefore kind of awesome. I’m watching him closely to see what he’ll do. I didn’t pick that untrustworthy thing about Teft up. Glad you pointed it out. We’ll have to keep an eye on him. And I’m way excited for Dalinar and Kaladin to finally make eye contact as well. Maybe each man is exactly what the other needs to accomplish his aims. That picture is uber creepy. I’m totally loving all his crustacean monsters. It’s not something I’ve ever seen before in high fantasy, or anywhere. Definitely creative. :D

    My WoK Post
    Liesel Hill recently posted…The Three Best Things You Can Do for Your Productivity This Year!!!My Profile

    • Right? I love being surprised :D. Haha, have you read Warbreaker from Sanderson? That read-along very much cemented the need to pay close attention to what characters say even if they don’t seem to act that way at this moment ;-).

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