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Way of Kings Read Along {Week 6}

Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson Read-along

Way of Kings Read Along Week 6!

Yey, it’s Wednesday which means it is time for us to discuss the sixth week of the Way of Kings :D. Just in case you hadn’t noticed, we’re having a huge giveaway (with international component!) and you get extra entries for being a read along participant! This week’s discussion is hosted by Nikki of There Were Books Involved so pop over there to link up your post! This week discusses up through chapter 42, so beware of spoilers if you haven’t gotten that far.

1. Both Kabsal and Jasnah have spoken to Shallan about stealing the Soulcaster, and both have done so in a pretty lighthearted manner, considering how serious it would actually be to steal it. Do you think Kabsal was telling the truth when he brushed off Shallan’s questions about his plan to steal the Soulcaster? Is he still interested in stealing it? Does he have other, deeper motives??

This was all a very interesting set of coincidences. It sounds like Soulcasters are supposed to only be used by ardents, so I guess it makes sense that they would want to get Jasnah’s away from a heretic. However, it seems a little against their moral code to resort to stealing it, so I’m curious how much of that was Kabsal being a weird ardent and how much was an actual plan/wish of his superiors. Given that Jasnah made a joke about it as well, I suspect that it is something that at least some ardents would/have tried.

2. By the end of the section, Shallan has found out that she’ll be able to return home in one week, but she’s torn between wanting to continue her studies, and being able to take the stolen Soulcaster home. So far it looks like her theft hasn’t been detected, but do you think she’ll be found out before that time? Do you think she should leave, or might decide on her own to stay? Could something else happen to make her stay?

At this point it seems wise for her to leave to get the Soulcaster home and she can always continue studying later in her life (probably not with Jasnah’s assistance obviously, but still). Given how much she’s gone through to get to this point, she would have to have a darn good reason to throw it all away and stay (and a boy is not a good enough reason!). I get the feeling that something will come up, however, since Jasnah is such a major character.

3.  How much do you think Jasnah actually knows about the theft of her Soulcaster? Is it even remotely possible that Jasnah is still in the dark about it? If she knows, did she in fact dupe Shallan with a fake, as Shallan theorizes? Or did Jasnah let her steal it? Why??

Jasnah definitely seems too smart to not have noticed the switch. Also, weren’t her stones broken/drained whereas the ones on Shallan’s were new? It would be pretty clever of Jasnah to have switched hers for a fake, though I’m not really sure why or how she would have done that. It seems more likely that Jasnah did let Shallan steal it either because she knows Shallan won’t be able to use it or she wants to see what Shallan will do now. I could totally see this as being a philosophical test of moral judgement or something, haha.

4. During the Highstorm, Kaladin experiences a lull during which the wind and rain stop, he feels no more pain, and he sees an enormous “face of blackness, yet faintly traced in the dark”. The face is described as, “Inhuman. Smiling.” Was Kaladin just hallucinating? If not, do you think this being had something to do with recharging the sphere? With Kaladin somehow feeling better before the storm kicked up again? Or could this being be malevolent? Thoughts/theories??

I totally think that was the storm deity that everyone has been talking about :D. They put him out there to be judged and he was judged right? Or: A GIANT SPREN, haha. It seems likely that this being is also connected to the power that Kaladin and the spheres gain from the highstorms, since they’re both all magical and such. Definitely not malevolent in my opinion, but who knows?!

5. Before Kaladin is forced to endure the Highstorm, he tells his men to come out after the storm is over; he says he’ll open his eyes and look back at them, and they’ll know that he survived. Kaladin obviously survives, and everyone in Bridge Four is really glad about that. But we haven’t yet seen a reaction from anyone other than Kal’s men. Do you think Kaladin’s survival could have a wider impact than just giving his own group of bridgemen hope?

I can imagine the lighteyes are all pretty annoyed and worried about how Sadaes is going to react to the situation. On the other hand, this whole affair has probably pushed up Kaladin’s legendary status among the other bridge crews as well, if there are enough older bridgemen left to even know who he is D: . It seems possible that other bridgemen would be willing to listen to him now if he tried to motivate them or something, but he is too dejected to use that benefit at the moment.

6.  We learn quite a bit about Teft in this section… kind of. But pretty much everything we learn just leads to more questions. What do you think about these “Envisagers” Teft mentions? How much do you think Teft knows about Kaladin’s ability to use Stormlight? It seemed like Teft became wary of Kaladin after he recovered – why? Do you think he’ll tell Kaladin about what he knows?

More questions!!!! I think that Teft knows about the old magic power of pulling energy from stormlight, like a certain other character that I adore does. Teft seems to come from a culture that has kept track of this power better, or he is much older than we thought. It seems that Teft is a bit conflicted about what to do now since Kaladin’s power relates to things from his past that I suspect he isn’t proud of. I can imagine him being worried that Kaladin will be mad about his secret getting out, though I hope that he finds the courage to tell Kaladin about the power soon since Kaladin doesn’t know about it, haha.

This whole section made me really want jam! And I nearly started a loaf of homemade bread but I wanted to keep reading instead >.>.

Also, the twist with Kaladin’s dad was kind of crazy; I really liked the questions that it brought up about who they both really are deep down and the foil of Shallan researching moral philosophy in the other section!

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  1. I like the giant spren idea – in the highstorm. I know it probably isn’t that, but still. It would be fantastic. We have Syl who is little, but very communicative. Then we’ve seen other giant spren, though they seem to be mostly elemental like and confined to one local. Maybe mush the two together and you get whatever is in the highstorm?

    haha! tomorrow I am making bread, and I am digging out some homemade jam. I will then analyze it to see what kind of person I am that day. Sweet, even tempered? Probably not!

    Oh gosh yeah! The more we learn about Liren, the more I respect the man. I love how Sanderson shows us his personality through Kaladin’s eyes, so we also see how Kaladin’s assessment of his father changes with events and time.

  2. I’ll sometimes look (quickly) to the other page to catch a phrase or word lol. I lil cheat is all and to me It’s ok :)

  3. This section raised so many interesting questions! I don’t have answers or even great guesses for most of them, but I can’t wait to find out what happens next :) I also suspect Jasnah of testing Shallan. She just seems to use the soulcaster too much to have not noticed it being gone for very long.
    Katie @ Doing Dewey recently posted…The Fairytale KeeperMy Profile

  4. 1. Yes, Kabsal does seem a little unusual: he is actively chasing a female and now talking about stealing something. I have to assume that this is not normal behavior for an ardent! It makes me very difficult to trust him.

    2. I can’t see any point in her leaving until she has solved the problem of why the fabrial won’t work – we know that the man who knew about the one that is now broken has died, so I doubt that anyone else will help her to use a stolen fabrial.

    3. We saw her using it all the time for mundane little tasks, so I seriously doubt that she hash’t tried to use it since the theft. However, I don’t think she uses it in the same way as other Soulcasters, so perhaps hers was broken anyway, in which case she won’t notice a difference. Somehow I find it hard to believe that she set up the theft, because it is such a random thing for her to do.

    4. My gut instinct was that it was malevolent – perhaps that just means that I am less hopeful than you! :D

    5. I think Kal is in a much more dangerous situation now: if he turns into some sort of rebel leader he will be removed very quickly, whether he survived the storm or not.

    6. I hope that Teft can help Kal to understand what his abilities are and how to use them, but that might make him more of a target for the Lighteyes, so they will need to be sneaky about it.

    I love how Mr Sanderson lets us get all full of righteous indignation on behalf of Kal’s Dad and then reveals the theft. Grr! He is just too good at manipulating us! :D

    • Haha, so agreed about Kal’s dad, I was 100% behind him and wanting to punch everyone making his life difficult and then was like, oh, never mind >.> <.<

  5. Giant spren! I love it. Wouldn’t that be cool if all the ‘gods’ and whatnot of this worlds were really types of spren?

    I hadn’t even thought of that angle with Teft and Kaladin, that Teft might think Kaladin knows way more than he actually does. That would be a funny conversation, Teft apologizing for figuring out his secret, while Kaladin’s just going, “Wait. What secret?”
    Allie recently posted…The Apex Blog TourMy Profile

    • Yes!! I love that idea :D *crosses fingers that it is true* haha

      Omg I really hope that that conversation happens *snorts*

  6. I also suspect that Jasnah knows full well that a switch was made! I wonder if she either did a double switch OR if she figured out a way to fix Shallan’s broken one. I ADORE how you worded that they put Kaladin out to be judge and he was judged! I think he came face to face with the Stormfather but I’m digging your idea of a giant Spren haha! ♥

    Kaladin’s survival certainly will help build his LEGENDARY status…it might reach beyond this first boo here but it will eventually change everything! I certainly hope that Teft will confess to Kaladin soon because I think he could truly help Kaladin piece together what’s happening to him! He could probably helpt out Dalinar too – where has HE been anyways? I miss him :)
    Mimz @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Way of Kings RAL Week 6My Profile

    • Haha, I’m mostly seriously thinking it was the Stormfather, but I like being silly when it’s late at night and I’m writing these answers ;-)

      I’m really hoping that Teft tells Kaladin soon too because I hope that it will convince him not to give up D:

  7. I have read the WoKs 2x but still learn from discussions. T Y

  8. Ohhhhh, interesting thoughts about that cloud-being or whatever. I thought when they talked about him being judged, it was by “the Almighty” — but I totally missed it, I just went back and looked and he’s definitely referred to as the Stormfather (which begs the question, why was Kaladin purposely spared?). You could be right!!! I kind of like the idea of it being a giant spren though, lol. Although, maybe that’s all these greater beings really are? Or at least maybe they’re related? :O

    I totally agree about Jasnah – she could very well have allowed the theft as another test for Shallan. So I guess then the question is… what will Jasnah do about it before Shallan leaves?? =S

    And TEFT JUST NEEDS TO TELL US WHAT’S GOING ON. Ugh it’s killing me!!! lol
    Nikki recently posted…Way of Kings Readalong – Week 6 (chapters 33-42)My Profile

  9. I actually don’t think I’d leave if I were Shallan. I wouldn’t stay for Kabsal (I agree, a boy isn’t a good enough reason) but there are so many variables she can’t control and doesn’t understand. I get her wanting to leave, but I’m just waiting for this whole situation to blow up in her face.

    Interesting theory about the giant spren! I love it! Your comments did make me think of one other thing, though. You said the deity might be the one that recharges the spheres during the storm, and Kaladin somehow is managing to absorb that energy. Maybe the deity recognized that trait in him and that’s why he was spared. Very interesting. :D

    My WoK Post
    Liesel Hill recently posted…Way of Kings Read-Along, Week 6 + Giveaway!My Profile

    • Haha, now I’m excited for this week’s discussion since I just finished that section ;-)

      Oo, I like that theory of Kaladin’s survival! He definitely has some magic in his blood of some kind it seems!

  10. Lianne @ says:

    After reading the chapter on Teft and the Envisagers, I really want him to spill, lol!

    lmao, a giant spren, that would be something indeed! But that was a pretty creepy moment, even though the figure didn’t do anything per se…Can’t wait to find out more about what’s going on with Kaladin ;)

    Did you see this? Nothing spoilerish but I can’t believe it’s coming out soon –

    My WoK

    • Right?? Teft, tell me what you knoooooooow!

      Haha, nice, I am a bit intimidated at how fast I’m planning on trying to get through WoK to post a review *sweats* who needs sleep right? ;-)

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