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Way of Kings Read-Along {Week 7}

Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson Read-along

Week 7!

Welcome to week seven of the Way of Kings Read-along, woot! As usual there will be massive spoilers if you haven’t read this far in the book yet, so be careful! This week is hosted by Sue of Coffee, Cookies and Chili Peppers (and now I’m hungry >.>).

1. What did you think of the replacement for the delightful Lamaril, or rather, what did you make of his wife, who seems to do all his work? She assumes that chasm duty is the worst punishment that she can throw at the bridge crew, so were you surprised that Kaladin saw an opportunity in it so quickly?

I am still finding this world’s gender roles so fascinating first off. It was so cool to see the wife taking over even though her husband was the person technically appointed. I hope we continue to get these glimpses into this really interesting element and props to Sanderson for including something different from American/European cultural norms. I was really happy to see Kaladin finally figure out how to keep up hope and take advantage of the chasm duty situation even though there are some definite problems. I’m really worried about what is going to happen to the men now that they can’t get medicine and bandages D: .

2. Please use this opportunity to list all the imaginative ways that you would like Roshone to suffer for forcing poor little Tien into the army. :(

GAHHHHHH! I seriously wanted to punch him. Or maybe he should be eaten by a chasmfiend. Nah, that’s too nice. I’m really hoping that Kaladin is able to go back to his town someday and fix things by removing Roshone from his position or something. Though I suppose the amount that Roshone hates being banished to the sticks is a pretty fit torture for him as well.

3. Finally, somebody is asking questions about the inconstancy of the Parshendi artifacts and how Gavilar changed in the months leading up to his death. What do you make of the accounts that Shallan is reading? Also, what do you think about Shen, the Parshman added to the bridge crew?

I’m so intrigued about Jasnah and Shallan’s research! I have basically no guesses as to what is going on with the Parshendi but I’m so freaking excited to find out!!! I’m also really excited to get to know Shen since I suspect that there is way more to the Parshman than anyone realizes. It just doesn’t make sense that an entire people would be that docile; they wouldn’t have survived previous to be enslaved.

4. Shallan has some seriously bizarre visions or hallucinations. Do you have any new ideas about the nature of the symbol-headed figures: are they good or evil? What about the alternative world and the beads: could that really have been the soul or essence of the goblet that she spoke to before it changed into blood?

Seriously! I suspect that the symbol-heads are good or at least neutral since it seems they could have really hurt Shallan then and they didn’t. I still have no idea what they are or if they are real, but wow that was a crazy scene and I loved it so much, haha. I suspect that the symbol-heads were trying to help Shallan figure out the soul-casting and so pushed her mind into that state/vision/whatever where she could more explicitly communicate with the object. I’m thinking that that was more Shallan’s interpretation of souls etc than anything real since that would just be crazy indeed ;-).

5. Does Kaladin’s dream/vision seem similar to those that Dalinar has been having? He is called the ‘Child of Tanavast, Child of Honor’ and there is mention of an entity called Odium, who appears to be rather bad. Do you have any speculation about these two beings, how they fit into the world that we have seen so far and why the name Odium makes Syl hiss and fly off?

It definitely seems like they might be coming from the same source, trying to get both of them realize that something big is coming and that they are involved. I honestly don’t have much idea at all what Odium is, but I’m excited to find out. I’m nervous though; anything that pisses Syl off has got to be bad news right?

6. We have learnt some more about the events following Cenn’s chapter way back at the beginning of the book. Were you surprised that Kaladin defeated a Shardbearer almost singlehandedly? This still does not explain why he is a slave, but does it bring us closer to guessing?

Finally!!!! The suspense was killing me and I didn’t even realize that I didn’t know, haha. Now that we know how Kaladin seems to have magically-gifted fighting skills, I’m not really surprised that he was able to defeat the Shardbearer. It kind of goes along with all the other weirdly awesome fighting things that happen to him. I had very much thought that his killing a lighteyes had been what made him a slave, but now that that is clearly not the case, I really don’t know what could happen next in that storyline. Don’t mind me while I go read the next section asap >.> <.<.

7. I think I made it quite clear last week that I did not trust Kabsal, so I am now feeling rather smug. However, I did not guess at the poison in the bread: did it surprise you as well? Can you see any way that Shallan can reconcile with Jasnah now that the theft has been revealed?

So clever! I had always thought he was a bit odd but I definitely didn’t realize that he was that odd! I’m a bit confused since I had thought that Jasnah had eaten the bread without jam previously, but I probably misinterpreted something since I tend to do this reading in one long binge late into the night ;-). I’m still really suspicious that Jasnah knew more than she was letting on, I mean really….

So I’m really liking all the attention paid to Kaladin and Shallan, but I must admit I’m feeling the lack of Dalinar chapters. I really want to know what he ends up doing about the whole prince thing D: . Hopefully this coming section finally resolves that now that Jasnah and Shallan’s storyline is caught up, haha.

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Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

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  1. 1. Mr Sanderson is certainly very good at mixing things up and making us look at our world in a very different way. I have to hope that Rock, Shen and Syl can come up with a way to collect the reeds and keep the money flowing in, because I suspect that Crew 4 will be seeing an increased number of runs in the very near future.

    2. You’re right – a chasm fiend would be way too quick and pleasant.

    3. I wonder how the Parshmen reproduce because they have no obvious free will or self motivation . . . does someone literally have to tell them what to do? As you say, they could never survive on their own and yet nobody ever wonders about these things . . . grrr!

    4. The whole thing felt very triply to me, but I think you might be right that they either pushed Shallan into the sphere-realm or let her see the world that way in order to Soulcast.

    5. Yep, even the name is a bit of a warning sign.

    6. I suspect that it was a bad choice not to let Amaram die . . .

    7. I can’t decide how much Jasnah already knew about Kabsal. Did she ask the other ardents about him before or after his death?

    So many questions! :D
    suecccp recently posted…The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson: Week 5My Profile

    • 3. Omg that’s a great question about the Parshmen but also makes me a bit nervous and worried what the answer might be….

  2. These chapters were really gripping. I actually read a chapter too far so couldn’t really answer the question about Kaladin because strictly speaking I kind of knew the answer!
    I wonder if the parshmen are just pretending to be docile and subservient – it would be a great way to find out about your enemy and infiltrate their homes! Of course, I like the other ideas floating around about evolution, etc – much more sensible.
    Now you mention it I also think Shallan ate the bread without jam sometimes – but, then I remembered (and actually because it irritated me slightly when reading it) that whenever Shallan ate bread without jam it was usually followed by Kasbal passing her a piece of bread ‘slathered’ with jam – I don’t know why that irritated me, but it did!
    Lynn :D

  3. 2. I hated that Roshone forced Tien into the army. I hope Kaladin gets some serious revenge!
    4. I originally assumed the figure-heads were evil, but now I’m thinking they are good. The alternate world might be Shadesmar. There’s a map of it on the last endpage.
    5. It does seem the like visions are coming from the same source, but I’m not sure how they relate to Odium. He sounds pretty bad, and Syl seemed to confirm this!

  4. I am REALLY missing Dalinar too – I’m really not handling the suspense of not knowing what will happen next with him – or any of these characters to be honest hahah! And I’m with you: I think whatever is fueling Kaladin’s dreams and powers also fuels Dalinar’s visions. Both of them kind of go crazy during storms in their own way so hopefully when they finally meet up there’s imminent bad weather XD Oh and whatever Odium is…to get that kind of a reaction from Syl? REALLY bad news in my books! I’m scared o_O LOL
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Way of Kings RAL Week 7My Profile

    • So I’ve already read next week’s and therefore can’t respond all that much, but don’t worry ;-)

      *hides from Odium*

  5. That makes sense about the Parshmen. I’ve been wondering if maybe they’re some sort of construct race, like maybe they and the Parshendi were created as tools for different purposes by different gods (or other powerful beings).
    Allie recently posted…Read-Along: The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, Part 7My Profile

    • Oo, I like that idea about the Parshmen and Parshendi as well! I’m curious about what deities actually exist in the world since things seem to be a bit confused on that front

  6. Good point about an entire race that is currently so docile (Parshmen) wouldn’t have always been so docile to have existed to the point of being enslaved.

    I too wonder if the Symbolheads pushed Shallan into that glass bead realm, or did she flee there in her fear? Or did something about the Soulcaster pull her into it?

    Yep, Jasnah had always refused the bread. In this case, I think she gave in because she could see that Shallan was very stressed (even though Jasnah didn’t know all the reasons Shallan was stressed).

    • Evolution :D

      I really hope we get to find out more about the glass bead place at some point, too crazy not to explore more!

  7. Yeah I went with the chasmfiend fate or Roshone as well. It would be really cool if Kaladin can go back home at some point, displace Roshone (or kill him) and reconcile with his parents. It doesn’t sound like he’s been back since leaving with Tien. I miss Dalinar too! :D

    My WoK Post
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