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Way of Kings Read-Along {Week 9}

Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson Read-along

WoK Read-Along Week 9

We’re getting really close to the end all :D. This is the second-to-last week of the Way of Kings read-along, and I was totally sneaky by snagging the last week so that I could read ahead >.>. So expect the questions early since I figure others might not want to wait too long to finish either, haha! Anyway, this week is hosted by Liesel of Musings On Fantasia! As usual, there are major spoilers in this discussion, so don’t read it if you haven’t read up to Chapter 65!

1. Andolin has a change of heart, not only about his father, but about how he views the war. How do you think this will affect the story going forward?

I’m looking forward to some father-son bonding! It’s so nice that Dalinar seems to finally be getting some allies who believe him and are willing to help him towards his goal. I imagine more conflicts between everyone will arise, but for now that boy needs to listen to his father ;-).

2. Elhokar reveals that he sees figures with symbol heads, which sound suspiciously like the ones Shallan keeps drawing. What do you make of this?

That’s what I thought too!! I doubt that Elhokar draws since that apparently isn’t allowed for men to do, but evidently he is seeing the same thing since that’s way too much of a coincidence ;-). I’m really curious how he is seeing them and what he sees them doing. I doubt that they are really trying to assassinate him (hopefully) since they seem to have another purpose. Maybe Dalinar will be willing to hear Elhokar out on his visions since he knows how it feels, haha.

3. What do you make of Dalivar’s most recent vision? Was the king he talked to really Nohadon, author of The Way of Kings? If so, what do you think the timeline is? What happened before and after what Dalinar saw? Were the strange, rock-like corpses really Voidbringers?

It certainly sounded like Nohadon, though I can imagine he was called something else at that time in his life. I’m curious if there is going to turn out to be a conspiracy or something involving The Way of Kings and who actually wrote it though. That whole scene was confusing in an awesome way for me, so I’m really not sure where it fits in with everything else. The stone creatures didn’t sound like the voidbrings we’ve seen previously, so maybe they are something else, but who knows!

4. Dalinar and Navani finally share a passionate kiss, and then start conducting a covert romance. What are your impressions of the relationship? Has your opinion of Navani changed at all?

Navani amuses me since she’s so straightforward and a bit erratic. I can definitely see how her position would be frustrating since no one is willing to actually respect her anymore. She still seems to be busy doing a lot of things though, so I’m curious who she is writing letters to and such. I’m only so-so on the relationship since it’s a bit of a weird situation. I hope it doesn’t become too much of a focus, but it doesn’t seem likely to happen.

5. Kaladin’s decoy plan works almost miraculously well. How do you see this affecting the story going forward, and in what way? What about for both for Kaladin and his men, and for the war at large?

I’m honestly just waiting for the other shoe to drop! Kaladin’s plans always seem great and then go horribly wrong right? It doesn’t seem like a great idea to continue to piss of the Parshendi when Kaladin is completely dependent on having enough Stormlight to survive. I’m worried that he won’t have enough for a battle and bad things will happen D: . I keep trying to think how Sadaes or someone could use this more generally, but I can’t come up with anything given that it is so risky for anyone besides Kaladin to do.

6. So Moash wants to kill someone out of vengeance. Any guesses who or why?

I honestly have a bit of trouble keeping all the bridgemen’s backstories straight. I can’t remember enough about Moash’s past (if we even know anything) to think of any clever guesses ;-). It could be the person responsible for making him a slave I suppose?

7. Why do you think Sadeas abandoned Dalivar as he did? Was this done intentionally? Was it planned in advance? What are your thoughts?

Gah, this is why I need to go keep reading as soon as I finish writing this post! I’m hoping that he just got overwhelmed and had to decide what was best for his soldiers, but it seems unlikely given that he is taking the freaking bridges with him! This smells horrendously like planned betrayal to me but I don’t know why!

Next week is the rest of the book and I’ll be hosting, yey! Keep an eye out for an email sooner rather than later since I’m planning on reading fast, haha.

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  1. I had to laugh at your comment on how Kaladin’s plans go from amazing to horrible in no time flat. I feel like it’s making him enemy number one for the enemy…and I’ve never been convinced that they should be enemies to begin with! I was also glad Adolin finally learned that Dalinar’s visions weren’t because he was losing it. I think this will be a game-changer for their relationship :D

    We truly haven’t found out enough about Moash yet to venture a guess as to who his revenge is directed at. I’m definitely curious though; I’m thinking it should be good since the reveal felt all dramatic hehe

    PS- I am RAGING at Sadeas D:
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Way of Kings RAL Week 9My Profile

  2. This was a really nice turn for Dalinar, at the beginning. He had been beginning to doubt his own sanity, and now he has at least two allies about his visions! It sounded like Kaladin had planned to have some of the other bridgemen distract the Parshendi archers, too. Maybe it wouldn’t be quite as dangerous if the archers had a handful of targets, instead of just Kaladin. It was really hard to stop reading, this past week, after it ended with Sadeas probably-betrayal!
    Allie recently posted…Read-Along: The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, Week 9My Profile

  3. Yeah I”m wondering under what circumstances Elhokar is seeing the symbolheads as well. He mentioned them, but no one asked him anything about them. Interesting idea about there maybe being some kind of conspiracy about who wrote the WoK book. Can’t wait to keep reading after that betrayal (or whatever it turns out to be). It was super-intense! :D
    My WoK Post
    Liesel Hill recently posted…The Way of Kings Read-Along, Week 9My Profile

    • I’m very intrigued about Elhokar’s hallucinations still, so strange, though I’m sure it’ll come back in later :D

  4. Hmm. Starting to wonder if I should have reread this one myself before the new release. Most of these threads I remember, but a few have me rethinking this decision.
    Nathan (@reviewbarn) recently posted…Sci-fi Review: ‘Honor’s Knight’ by Rachel BachMy Profile

    • Since I’ve barely started WoR, I can reassure you that Sanderson has put in quite a few reminder sentences, so I think you’ll be reminded of the important things. I assume you’ve seen the Fantasy Faction rereading synopsis thing?

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