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Wheel of Time Read Along Videos

Wheel of Time Read Along

Hello lovelies! This week is our holiday break from the read along, but I wanted to keep up the Wheel of Time read along excitement by passing on some awesome videos that has put out recently to promote the publication of the last book, A Memory of Light. I’ve watched them both and want to warn you that they have a couple of minor spoilers if you haven’t heard anything about Wheel of Time, but they didn’t bother me ;-).

This first video focuses mostly on the new book, Memory of Light, and the awesome collaboration with Brandon Sanderson:

The next video is the story of Robert Jordan’s life, and was really interesting for this new fan :D.

So I hope you are enjoying the winter holidays if you celebrate them and I’ll see you next week for our continuation of the Wheel of Time read along :D. The schedule and sign up is here if you’d still like to join in! (We just started so it’s not too late ;-))


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  1. Thanks for digging those videos up and posting them. I enjoyed them both. I had not realized that Jordan had 3 pennames (I knew he had written some Conan stories).

    • I hadn’t actually realized Jordan was a penname haha! I know so little about a lot of authors, so it was fun to find out more about him! A lady over at Tor actually sent them to me since she saw we were hosting the read along and wanted to make sure we saw them :D

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