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Whispered Visions by Tammy Blackwell eARC {4 Stars}

Whispered Visions by Tammy Blackwell is the third companion novel in the Shifters & Seers trilogy and tells the story of Lizzie and Layne in Blackwell’s classic hilarious and heart-warming writing. I’m quite over the typical urban fantasy, but Blackwell’s characters ring so true and her writing is so captivating that she makes me fall in love with werewolves and witches all over again! I am very picky when it comes to independently-published work, but I couldn’t even tell that Blackwell was self-published when I first picked up her books and I still stake my reviewing reputation on the quality of her work. Please for your own reading sake, check out her books :D.

Note: I received an advanced copy of Whispered Visions from the author. Some things may have changed in the final version.

Whispered Visions by Tammy Blackwell eARC {4 Stars}

Whispered Visions by Tammy Blackwell (Shifters & Seers)
Published by Author on Sept. 8th, 2015
Genres: Urban Fantasy, YA
Page Length: 342 pages
How I got my copy: Author
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Where do you go when there is nowhere left to run?

For years the Society for Human Preservation has been waging a quiet war against the Shifters & Seers of the world, and now they've taken two of the Alpha Pack's own.

With the ability to See inside a person's mind, Lizzie Anders is one of the most powerful Seers in the world, but all that power comes with the responsibility of protecting herself and others from what she can do. And now, after years of suppressing her Sight, the SHP is intent on tearing down the walls she's carefully constructed to further their cause.

Layne Hagan is the boy no one wanted. Abandoned by his mother when he was a baby and orphaned by his father in Scout's battle to become Alpha Female, he was handed off by his grandparents to live with Charlie and the rest of the Alpha Pack. He's never had a place or purpose... until now.

With no one left to rely on but each other, Lizzie and Layne must learn to put their past behind them and learn to trust each other - and their hearts - again.

4 Stars


  • You know when you get home at the end of a long trip and you grab out your favorite blanket or pair of slippers and just snuggle in? That is what the writing of Whispered Visions felt like to me. There is something so comforting to my soul from reading Blackwell’s words and I still haven’t gotten over it.
  • Lizzie and Layne are pretty adorable in their attempts to hate each other at first ;-). I know a lot of you enjoy reading hate-to-love romantic developments, so you are in luck with Whispered Visions. I especially appreciated that it was a realistic transition.
  • Every book we get a bit more of the supernatural world built for us and Whispered Visions is no exception. I loved getting to know a new supernatural as well as figuring out what this Society for Human Preservation is really about (hint: not good stuff!).
  • I’m such a sucker for adorable children and Whispered Visions features a wonderful three-year old (is that an oxymoron??). I know a couple of kids that age and found this kid quite convincing, yey!
  • Normally I get annoyed if a book ends early and there is bonus material at the end because I rarely actually want to read said bonus material. Whispered Visions is the first exception to this trend for me ever! There are some awesome scenes from other characters’ perspectives to show what was going on while Lizzie and Layne were doing other things and it really added to the story nicely.


  • I found myself less interested in the plot of Whispered Visions than with previous books in the two trilogies. Capture plots are a bit troublesome for me since there isn’t really much mystery or tension. Obviously they are going to figure out how to escape and eventually make it, the only question is how many people die along the way….
  • Scout is still my favorite character of any of these books, so I missed not seeing much of her and other old faces. Lizzie and Layne are obviously separated from their friends because they are captives, and while I like those two well enough, I miss my old friends!


Whispered Visions is a solid conclusion to the Shifters & Seers books and also a good enough place to start if you want to give Blackwell’s writing a try! I can’t emphasize enough how great these books are, but they are definitely my favorite YA urban fantasy hands down. I’m so excited to see what Blackwell writes next!

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings

Have you read this one? What did you think? Are you excited for it if you haven’t gotten to it yet?
– Anya


 Whispered Visions by Tammy Blackwell

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  1. I love those books that make you feel comforted, some of my favurite authors have a writing style that I love so much that I always feel happy and comforted when picking up one of their books. I read quite some indie books and I think there are quite a lot of gems out there. I am not a fan of those hate to love relationships, but they can be done in a way I enjoy them. I know what you mean about capture plots, you always know they will escape eventually the question is wehn and how and what will happen in the process. Great Review!
    Lola recently posted…My To-Be Read List #14: chosen bookMy Profile

    • Yes exactly! The writing just reminds me of all the happy times I’ve had with these characters <3. Maybe check out the first trilogy, Destiny Binds, then since that isn't a hate to love romance ;-)

  2. I love reading your reviews because I learn about books I might not have seen on my own. This series sounds like fun. Maybe I need to give werewolves another try. Thanks!

    • That is so sweet of you to say! That is something that I try so hard to achieve for you all :). These are definitely werewolves to try, not annoying and trope-filled, I promise ;-)

  3. I’m always on the look-out for good paranormal books, especially those that stand out from the crowd. I’ll have to check this author out :) Lovely review!
    Celine recently posted…Review: Foundation by Isaac AsimovMy Profile

  4. I love that comphy book feeling! How have I not heard of this series? I’m reading a capture plot book right now and you’re right, that’s exactly the problem with it!
    Molly Mortensen recently posted…Warm Bodies and The New Hunger By Isaac MarionMy Profile

  5. oops can’t believe this is not on my TBR pile yet, have to find book 1 now :D looks like a series I would enjoy!
    Lily B recently posted…Rikki by Abigail StromMy Profile

    • Yey, do it! First book in the first trilogy is Destiny Binds and first book in this second trilogy (which you can start with all right) is Fragile Brilliance :)

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