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Why Does Google Hate Me?

Discussion: Why Does Google Hate Me?

Why Does Google Hate Me?

Honesty time, ya’ll. I cannot figure out how to get on Google’s good side. I have read the SEO guides and I have the SEO plugin for WordPress. I’ve bought a few links from sites that do SEO package reviews and some saw movement. I follow the optimization guidelines for my posts, making sure that the images have the keyword (usually book title and/or author name) and linking to all of my reviews statically on the Reviews page so that Google’s crawler can find it. But I hear about the number of search hits that many bloggers get each day and I scratch my head at my search visits and ask why does Google seem to hate me??

My Jetpack SiteStats reports 1-5 visits from search terms everyday. My general impression from other bloggers talking about the importance of SEO is that they get a lot more of their traffic from search engines. Now I could be completely off base on that impression, so my first question is do you get a similar number of search engine hits? More? Less? You don’t have to give exact numbers if you don’t want to obviously, I just would really love to know if I am as below average as I feel like I am ;-).

Is it my keywords?

Now, I’ve also been trying to think up some possible solutions for what is going wrong. It is entirely possible that I am coming up with bad keywords that are just too competitive. I know that there are tools out there for finding good keywords, but I have never found a way to do this that works for me. For one thing, I generally don’t want to use something besides the book title for reviews. Do you research good keywords before/after writing a post and change your post to fit them? What do you use as keywords for book reviews?

My backlink numbers?

The other problem I am suspicious of is the number of backlinks that I (don’t) have. I try to comment as much as I can (though that’s a whole other problem) and the links you leave in comments help your inbound link numbers right? I have read that Google uses the number of links that lead to your site/post to decide whether to include you in search results, however I’m worried that comment links aren’t counted…. Does anyone know that for sure? Beyond just comments, though, I haven’t been able to think of a good way to get more backlinks without really annoying people, haha. Do you have any suggestions? Do you worry about your backlink numbers or don’t even think of them?

Something else?

Those are the only two things that I can think of that I am not doing well, however I would love to know if there are other SEO strategies that you are using and I am forgetting about. Tell me your secrets :D.

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  1. I myself have been working on SEO. I think that Bloggiesta is going to do a post on it next go round because a lot of people are talking about it. I signed up for google analytics because I heard that blogger’s stats are very incorrect. And when I switch to google analytics it looks like I don’t get any hits at all. There were posts where I knew google analytics was wrong because I had more comments on a post then google was showing as hits. SIGH… I just don’t know.

  2. I have no clue what you are talking about, well a little bit but no real understanding. These terms hoover high above my head. Hope you do get to figure it out and can do a seo basic tips for blogger dummies like me!

  3. I think at this point I’ve pretty much given up trying to improve my blog’s readership. I try to write quality stuff, use SEO and buzzwords to catch people’s attention, I try to comment on other blogs to leave my links around, and still I don’t get many people dropping by. Few come by from search engines; most of my traffic I get by posting links on Twitter and Facebook. Googling my blog’s name pretty much has me pop up almost instantly (the first link is the domain name that used to be mine before it expired and I couldn’t afford to renew it; it got snatched up by someone else already), but unless people know my name, that doesn’t do much good.

    Best I can do is to keep doing what I’ve been doing and hope that maybe some day it works. :p

    • It is disheartening sometimes. Especially since my traffic has been decreasing lately and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong :(. Yup, just gotta keep on keeping on ;-)

  4. I have no idea how to get more traffic, I’m a terrible blogger when it comes to keywords. I’ve decided that I don’t really mind anymore though because I’m just blogging for fun. I get comments everyday, so I’m happy with that :)

    Although, sometimes I wish there would be funny search terms that bring up my blog!

  5. I really wish I could help Anya, but I tried to get the hang of all that SEO stuff when the blog launched but I just couldn’t get it >.< The day is still early here but I checked my stats and I have about 10 Google search engine hits…that's the most help I can offer heh but I hope it helps. I hope you can figure it all out! :)

  6. Honestly, I don’t know anything about this stuff. :/ I just post stuff. Good luck, though!

  7. I noticed a spike in my SEO traffic after I had been added to a few blogs’ blogrolls – all of a sudden not only was I getting hits from these blogrolls, but more keywords were bringing people to my blog. So I think backlinks can be a big contributor!

    • Excellent point, just don’t want to annoy people by asking to be added to their lists, haha. I suppose guest posting would be another good way to get backlinks though right?

  8. I thought I’d try to answer a few questions (I generate a few hundred hits each day from search engines). For back links, a lot of blogs actually have it set so that links in comments automatically come up as rel=”no follow” which basically means search engine site won’t index those links and they won’t come up as back links for you. Have you submitted a sitemap to google webmaster tools? That can help. As does claiming google authorship on google plus. I’d also recommend linking out on your posts. What helps my SEO stats is to review books that are not getting 100s of reviews, because then I don’t have to compete with as many people for top results spots.

    I hope that helps a little tiny bit!

    • Yey thank you!! I was suspicious about the no follow thing, so that is a good to know. I guess it just depends on the blog then if it will “help” with the backlinks…. There is a plugin for the sitemap right? I have XML-Sitemap installed and it claims to have last done a sitemap yesterday… Hopefully that means it is counting time from another timezone ;-)

      Oo, excellent idea about the less reviewed books. Do you ever find yourself balancing books you think will interest your established followers vs. books that will rank well?

  9. I don’t do any SEO these days. I have an entire website (on another topic) that was meticulously optimized with SEO terms, including everything you talk about, but I haven’t optimized any of my book blogs, or my author website, or my book websites.

    I have literally not touched, like not even opened the backend, of that optimized website in about two years. It gets about 300-800 hits a day due to SEO and that drives traffic to my main business website that gets far fewer hits than that one. But it’s a store and a subscription based classroom, not an information site, so that’s expected.

    But interestingly enough, my business website has a Google Page Rank of 5 and that SEO optimized one has a PR of 3. It’s had a PR3 for more than five years. It never changed.

    My book blog (New Adult Addiction) has a PR 3, gets about 500 hits a day, sometimes more, sometimes less, and for this week I have about 300-350 hits from Google. That’s over 3500 total hits though.

    I have no idea if that’s low or high for the traffic I get.

  10. I wish I could be of more help, but all I can offer is a little. I am probably not as meticulous with my SEO as you are. I do try to put alt tags in all my images and links (things like the author name and book title), but I just haven’t had time to dig deeper into it. I also DO try to increase my backlinks in the same way you do, but I have no idea if somehow those don’t count. I was under the impression they DID count, so if they don’t, that kinda sucks.

    As far as search engine referrals… I seem to be getting a handful a day, much like you. I did just move to a domain, so things might not be settled for met yet, but… Yesterday I got 4 search engine referrals. In the past 7 days I’ve gotten 26. So yeah, similar to yours (or worse). I hope someone with more traffic comes to offer advice!

    • I’m glad that I’m not the only one in this situation! Hopefully I can write a wrap-up post that gives us both some tips to use ;-)

  11. I’m not much concerned with trafic to be honest. I put descriptive text in alt text for images, and that’s about it. I’m looking at my stats now and search words daily hits vary for me from 2-10.
    But I have a small blog with small trafic, so I am guessing some bloggers with 400-500 daily visits would give you much different stats. :)

    • That’s fair and makes a lot of sense. Hehe, I wish I got that many daily visits! I’m definitely still a small blog too ;-)


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