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Windwitch by Susan Dennard ARC {3 Stars}

Windwitch by Susan Dennard ARC {3 Stars}

Windwitch by Susan Dennard (The Witchlands #2)
Published by Tor Teen on Jan. 10th, 2017
Genres: Fantasy, YA
Page Length: 400 pages
How I got my copy: Publisher
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Sometimes our enemies are also our only allies…

After an explosion destroys his ship, the world believes Prince Merik, Windwitch, is dead. Scarred yet alive, Merik is determined to prove his sister’s treachery. Upon reaching the royal capital, crowded with refugees, he haunts the streets, fighting for the weak—which leads to whispers of a disfigured demigod, the Fury, who brings justice to the oppressed.

When the Bloodwitch Aeduan discovers a bounty on Iseult, he makes sure to be the first to find her—yet in a surprise twist, Iseult offers him a deal. She will return money stolen from him, if he locates Safi. Now they must work together to cross the Witchlands, while constantly wondering, who will betray whom first?

After a surprise attack and shipwreck, Safi and the Empress of Marstok barely escape with their lives. Alone in a land of pirates, every moment balances on a knife’s edge—especially when the pirates’ next move could unleash war upon the Witchlands.

3 Stars

Note: I received an advanced copy of Windwitch from the publisher. Some things may have changed in the final version.


  • We get to learn a lot about different magic in Windwitch since we get to see some events from a Windwitch and Bloodwitch perspective. I really enjoyed figuring out what things could and couldn’t be done within the rules of the magic!
  • As expected from the previous book, the pace is non-stop and every scene feels tight and necessary. I’ve been using Dennard’s editing technique and I can very much see how she applied it to Windwitch!
  • I’m a sucker for cute kids that need protection in some ways but not others, so I loved the new character that appears towards the end and I really hope we see more of her in later books.
  • There are lot of cool settings explored in Windwitch, including a lot of underground caves. While we did certainly see a lot of the world in Truthwitch, I enjoyed seeing even more places and feel like I have a much better sense of the what makes this alternate world special (beyond the who magic thing).
  • So much revealed about Threadwitchery! Soooooo cool! This part is definitely my favorite of the magic abilities since it is so unique. There are lots of stories with wind and even blood magic. I’ve never read a story with thread magic like this.


  • I found myself much less invested in Windwitch than I had been expecting and realized about halfway through that that is because Safi and Iseult’s friendship was my favorite part of Truthwitch and… that really isn’t a focus of this book. Safi and Is basically don’t interact most of the book, making me really disappointed given my love of their dynamic.
  • A related problem was the introduction of new perspectives. While I liked some of the information conveyed with the other perspectives, I felt like Safi and Iseult were no longer the main characters with how little time is spent in their heads. Perhaps that is the goal, but I didn’t like the switch since the first book makes it very much seem like those two are what the plot is all about.
  • At first I was happy to see a (probably) trans character show up. Then I was unhappy because while Merik calls Cam a boy to his face, he still refers to Cam with female pronouns in his head. Since a lot of the story is from Merik’s perspective, this meant a lot of misgendering. I’ve heard rumor that this might be changed in the final book, and I hope it does. I understand that Merik doesn’t really have context for Cam being trans, but if Cam insists on being called a boy and doesn’t want Merik to know his old name, that seems pretty clear that Merik should think of Cam as a boy. Or at least the issue should be addressed in the text directly. I worry that this will be upsetting to trans readers.


Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings

Have you read this one? What did you think? Are you excited for it if you haven’t gotten to it yet?
– Anya


 Windwitch by Susan Dennard

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  1. Safi and Iseult’s friendship was really the ONLY thing that kept me invested in Truthwitch. If that is gone…Pass.

    • Right???? I will probably read the next one since it looks like the friendship might come back so I’ll let you know!

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