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Wishapick by M. M. Allen Guest Post + Giveaway

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Today I’m thrilled to introduce you all to a very adorable looking middle grade called Wishapick! I can’t get enough of middle grade adventures, so I hope you enjoy them too ;-). Don’t miss out on the awesome giveaway at the bottom of the post!

5 Things about Wishapick

1. The world of Wishapick is dark. There is no sunlight. An angry and vengeful rattlesnake, King O’Sirus, has plunged the land of brilliant sunshine into darkness. The villagers remember the once clear blue skies and their world where wishes came true, but that world disappeared under the king’s black reign. Unbeknownst to Jack, when he entered the black trunk, it was a summons from the villagers to help them return the light to Wishapick.

2. The world of Wishapick is a village of unforgettable animals that once lived cohesively together until the darkness was thrust upon them by their king. Jack’s sister, Lilly, entered the black trunk looking for her brother. She meets the memorable Tumalum family of possums, Dr. Tumalum a dentist in Wishapick, his wife, Mrs. Tumalum, and their nine children. When Lilly meets the possum family they are all clinging to the folds of their mother’s fur, but one by one, they drop off and become adults.

3. Winston, a wolf, is Wishapick’s hope for survival. With the help of Queen O’ Sirus, Winston has been planning an epic battle to oust the king. When Jack arrives in Wishapick, it is Winston’s job to befriend Jack, and together create and carry out a plan to return the light to Wishapick. Winston is an irascible tease and in love with Miss Bailey, a skunk. He has just had a tooth removed. Being a stalwart wolf, he searches for Jack in the deep, damp lair of King O’Sirus. Winston manages to secure the amulet for which Jack is looking. The amulet turns out to be the key to the king’s downfall.

4. Lilly and Jack are seeking each other in this new land, but their paths in Wishapick have not crossed. Lilly discovers it is her duty to save Queen Sanctuary from the prison in which her husband, the king, has put her. In order to rescue the queen, Lilly must discover how to remove a pot of hot chocolate pudding secured to a magical Crimson Tray. According to a note Lilly has been given, the Crimson Tray will help make the fearsome rattlesnake guards, watching over the queen, friendly. The Crimson Tray with the hot chocolate pudding makes the nasty nice, but Lilly must remove the pot without spilling a drop of pudding.

5. Jack discovers a pack of Toves in Wishapick. He is surprised to find them in the land of Wishapick as they have not been seen for over one hundred years. They are fierce looking creatures; a badger head, lizard body, and a corkscrew tail, but harmless, unless provoked. The Toves live under sundials, and eat cheese. Their favorite cheese is Gouda, Gouda, Gouda cheese. Ottar is their aged leader and he has been duped by King O’Sirus into helping the king inflict forever darkness over the land.

Soundtrack Clip: Wishapick

*Lyrics – Deborah Wynne

About Wishapick: Tickety Boo and the Black Trunk

Darkness. Utter blackness. Was this why his mother had refused to let Jack unlock his father’s old trunk? It had been two years since his dad had died, and all Jack could think about was examining whatever treasures were stored inside the beloved trunk. But when he finally lifted the lid, he didn’t just fall in—he fell through it into a pit of rattlesnakes!

Trying to recall his mother’s stories about “the Breath of All Good Things”—anything to shed light on his current situation—Jack wishes he’d paid better attention rather than mock the tales as childish myths…and that he’d waited to enter the trunk with his sister, Lilly, so they could at least face this together.

Like L. Frank Baum’s Oz and C. S. Lewis’s Narnia, M. M. Allen brings to life the fantastical world of Wishapick—a land of courageous animals ruled by a cruel rattlesnake king who has condemned the villagers to live without light. Chosen as the reluctant hero to save the villagers, Jack must face terrifying creatures and overwhelming odds if he wants to help his new friends—and return home himself.

“… a breathy and fantastical storytelling style, imaginations will flourish and the tale will be enjoyed by kids ages 8-12 who enjoy the genre of fantasy.”—The Children’s Book Review

Wishapick: Tickety Boo and the Black Trunk is available on Amazon.

Fun Stuff

Wishapick Soundtrack

Be sure to check out the companion music CD, Wishapick, for purchase or download from

Book Club Questions

Get to the heart of Wishapick by downloading this set of book club questions: Wishapick by M. M. Allen: Book Club Questions

About M. M. Allen

M. M. Allen, author of the acclaimed children’s picture book Let’s Play Ball, is the mother of two adult children and aunt to twenty-three nieces and nephews, including ten great-nieces and great-nephews. MM is a former teacher and university lecturer. She has also worked extensively in marketing and communications with varied businesses and non-profits. MM lives in a picturesque northern California town where she enjoys writing, tending to her rose garden, and caring for her West Highland terrier, Pip. | Facebook

About Deborah Wynne

Composer and lyricist Deborah Wynne created a companion CD of songs to accompany Wishapick: Tickety Boo and the Black Trunk. Wynne’s primary talents lie in choral singing, stage musicals, and composing. Her musical projects include the 2013 album Strands of Gold and 2007 musical Moment of Truth. She is an active singer and composer in Santa Barbara, California, where she lives with her husband and their two shelties, Sparkle and Gracie.

Wishapick and iPod Nano Giveaway

Win Wishapick_ Tickety Boo and the Black Trunk and an iPod Nano

Enter to win an autographed copy of Wishapick: Tickety Boo and the Black Trunk written by acclaimed author M. M. Allen; plus an Apple iPod Nano to listen to your downloaded copy of the Wishapick: Tickety Boo and the Black Trunk soundtrack composed by the talented Deborah Wynne!

Giveaway begins November 5, 2015, at 12:01 A.M. PST and ends December 31, 2015, at 11:59 P.M. PST. US addresses only.

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    I would expect to find magic and fair taay animals. TFS.

  2. Penny Olson says:

    I would like to find a world of sunshine and animals inside the trunk.


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