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Woodwalker by Emily B. Martin {Just Hatched}

Just Hatched Book Feature

Just Hatched is a feature where I share my first impressions of a book after the first chapter. Check out the announcement post for more information.

Woodwalker by Emily B. Martin is a story about a young woman with a special connection to the forest she swore to protect and a queen to help. From first impressions, Woodwalker seems like a pretty straight forward fantasy adventure with a plucky heroine, a bit of interesting magic, and a queendom in need of saving.

Note: I received an advanced copy of Woodwalker from the publisher. Some things may have changed in the final version.

Woodwalker by Emily B. Martin {Just Hatched}

Woodwalker by Emily B. Martin
Published by Harper Voyager on May 17th, 2016
Genres: Adult, Fantasy
Page Length: 336 pages
How I got my copy: Edelweiss
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“What on earth would I gain from that?” I asked him. “Risk my own neck by violating my banishment just to leave you? The sentence placed on me if I return is execution. If I’m entering the mountains again, I’d damn well better get something out of it.”

Exiled from the Silverwood and the people she loves, Mae has few illusions about ever returning to her home. But when she comes across three out-of-place strangers in her wanderings, she finds herself contemplating the unthinkable: risking death to help a deposed queen regain her throne.

And if anyone can help Mona Alastaire of Lumen Lake, it is a former Woodwalker—a ranger whose very being is intimately tied to the woods they are sworn to protect. Mae was once one of the best, and despite the potential of every tree limb to become the gibbet she’s hung from, she not only feels a duty to aide Mona and her brothers, but also to walk beneath her beloved trees once more.

A grand quest in the tradition of great epic fantasies, filled with adventure and the sharp wit—and tongue—of a unique hero,Woodwalker is the perfect novel to start your own journey into the realm of magical fiction.

2 Stars

How is the writing style?

The writing is pretty standard in that there isn’t anything special I feel the need to mention. It is the sort of writing that fades to the background to let the characters take center stage. The story is first person, past tense from Mae’s perspective, so we get all of her internal commentary on events.

General tone of the beginning

The prologue reveals someone plotting to kill a recently discovered surviving royal family, so that’s clearly going to be a focus for the plot. But then we jump to Mae’s current situation in exile and she conveniently falls into the ocean and is rescued by a brother and sister very interested in her past. So everything sets up nicely for an adventure through the woods, evading danger and bonding ;-).

Setting, genre, etc?

This story seems to clearly fall into the adult fantasy genre. I’m not sure how much adult content there will actually be, but it is that sort of classic fantasy adventure.


  1. My current read, leave me alone! (~5 stars)
  2. Reading in the near future *hides from TBR pile glare* (~4 stars)
  3. Hoping to get back to eventually (~3 stars)
  4. Probably not getting back to but someone else will like it (~2 stars)
  5. Don’t really want to push this copy on anyone else (~1 star)

Woodwalker is getting a 2 star rating from me since I get bored with straight forward fantasy adventure these days, but I’m sure that readers looking for a good ol’ fashion adventure with a bit of magic will enjoy this!

Have you read this one yet? Are you inclined to check it out?

Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings -Anya

Woodwalker by Emily B. Martin

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