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WWW Wednesday #12


Welcome to another WWW Wednesday, hosted by Should Be Reading! Sorry for all the theme dust I’ve been generating this week! Hopefully everything will be worked out soon, but please let me know if something is looking or working wonky! I went to the library with my office buddy last weekend and got a lot of books!

What did you recently finish reading?

Well, that whole real-job and settling in and multiple visits from the boyfriend have combined to cut into my reading time in a significant way. Because of this, I really wanted to get a fast and easy read to buzz through and refresh my reading brain. On the Edge by Ilona Andrews was perfect for this since I love this husband and wife writing pair so much and hadn’t gotten to the Edge series yet! It rocked, and a five star review is soon to come!

What are you currently reading?


All right, I’m still very much working on my review copy of The Waking Dream by Jennifer Ford and loving it. It’s just so long that I need to mix things up to have enough reviews coming out xD. Also, when I went to the library and found The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson I simply could not pass up the opportunity to read this new book! So that’s what I’m using to mix things up in terms of fiction. Divergent by Veronica Roth is also still on the reading list, but it’s also quite long and is going to be on hold until I get some other things read first. Finally, I am a new PhD student and borrowed Getting What You Came For by Robert L. Peters from my library buddy/office buddy (she rocks by the way!) to try to get this whole PhD thing figured out and stop having panic attacks. So far it’s a little outdated but interesting!

What do you think you’ll read next?

 Review copies!

I won a copy of x0 by Sherrie Cronin which I’ve started in on and has been really useful to have on my Kindle for working out, but might get put on hold, since I have several review copies that I need to make progress on! Oh and all those other library books I got…. The nice thing about the library is I don’t have to feel guilty about checking out more books than I need since I can just bring them back and get them again later! :D Libraries rock!!!!

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What are you reading past/present/future?


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  1. Isn’t it awesome!! I loved the Mistborn trilogy. I will say that Alloy of Law starts differently than the Mistborn books, and I wasn’t sure about it to begin with (warning, don’t get attached the all the characters in the prologue, or the setting, that isn’t what the rest of the book is actually going to feel like) but once I got into the main part of the book and got settled, it was all good!

  2. I can’t wait to read Alloy of Law. I’m in the middle of the last book of the Mistborn trilogy right now. :)

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