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WWW Wednesday #17


Well, I failed to post a WWW last week since Elantris had been taking me too long, but now I’ve finished two books this week :D.

What did you recently finish reading?

So Elantris is rather long, and it took me more than a week to finish it, but now I did! Both of these books ended with midnight reading sessions because I HAD TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!!! Seriously, I had 100 pages left of Elantris and was all “I’ll just read fifty more and then go to sleep,” but then it got all omg crazy stuff is happening gah! And I had to finish it…. Time Mends is also just a super fast read, so reading that in two days isn’t that impressive ;-).

What are you currently reading?

   Second Skin, Too

I decided not to finish Carl Sagan’s biography since it just didn’t captivate me that much and it’s due back at the library soon. Instead, I’m reading Fate Succumbs as my Kindle “I only have one hand right now” book, and Second Skin, Too as my “curling up on the couch with both hands” book :). I’m also in theory still reading Parasite Rex to think up ideas for cool projects….

What do you think you’ll read next?

Who knows!

Stochastic helped me get through the rest of my review books (so don’t worry authors, those reviews are coming!), and I have a combination of so many books I want to read, but just not that much time. I basically just don’t want to stress about what I read next, so I’ll just let things call to me, but The Mermaid’s Madness by Jim C. Hines is definitely calling to me right now…. I need kick-butt princesses and fairy tales retold right now :).

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What are you reading past/present/future?


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  1. I love books that keep me up at night! I have Elantris on my ipod to listen to and hope to get to it soon. I’ll also have to look into Time Mends.

    My WWW Wednesday is here.

    • Destiny Binds is the first of the series Time Mends is in, and I read it in 3 days, they are all amazing! They aren’t too much Kindle (couple bucks tops) and are seriously some of the best light and fast books I’ve read in a while.

      Thanks for linking :D

  2. I’ve come to the conclusion that the last 200 pages of a Sanderson novel have to be read in one sitting. There’s a certain point of no return with him. :D

  3. For the sake of couch-potato escapism I’m reading through Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series:

    I’m also planning to re-read Kelly McCullough’s WebMage series:

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