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WWW Wednesday #28

WWW Wednesday

This week: Lining ’em up and knocking ’em down :D. I’m almost done with finals and that has translated into getting a lot of research done and a lot of reading/blogging done, yey! I didn’t realize how much schoolwork was draining both my time and my desire to do anything even when I did have free time, ouch!

What did you recently finish reading?

Heart of the Dragon's Realm Bayou Moon by Ilona Andrews Tournament of Chance

I was determined to get more books read this week, so I plowed through Bayou Moon with a couple of long reading nights. The downside is that I’m still not sure what I’m going to say in the review, it’s still percolating ;-). I also decided to read my Kindle outside of working out so that I could get more NetGalley books read and finished up Heart of the Dragon’s Realm, which I absolutely loved! The review on that should be coming in the next week or two. Finally, I realized that my tour stop for Tournament of Chance is coming up in a month-ish, so I should read that quick to be prepared and all that, so I buzzed through that quickly this week. It’s a short and easy book, but also quite enjoyable :).

What are you currently reading?

   Veil by Aaron Overfield  Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver Entangled by Nikki Jefford

So now that I’m done with my fun reading during finals, I’m going to be attacking Veil again to try to make progress on that behemoth ;-). I’m also just a disc or two away from being done with Pandemonium and loving it much more than the first in the series, Delirium! Finally, as of writing I’m not technically done with Tournament of Chance, but I’m figuring I will be by the time you read this ;-). Therefore, I’m planning to start Entangled next so that I can get more galleys done and because it looks awesome :D.

What do you think you’ll read next?

Red Madrassa Days of Blood and Starlight

Red Madrassa is another tour book for February, so I have plenty of time, but I like to just get the reviews taken care of for these ;-). Also, I requested that my library purchase Days of Blood and Starlight on audio, so I’m hoping they’ll get it soon so that I can listen to it, since otherwise I don’t know what to listen to next!

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these books?

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  1. I’m excited to see your review of Heart of the Dragon’s Realm, the book looked really good! :)

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    • Oh I loved it! The review should be coming out soon :D There were a couple things that kept it from being five stars, but I really enjoy Karalynn Lee’s writing style and I really hope that she writes a sequel, or at least more fantasy (apparently she is mostly a romance author) in the future!

  2. Looking forward to your thoughts of Days of Blood and Starlight! I think Veil looks intriguing!

    • Hopefully I get to read it soon :D I need to keep working on Veil, I just realized that I’m behind on these tour books, oof!

  3. That’s a great bunch of books. I have Entangled in my TBR list and a few others on my wishlist. Should really look at getting the Delirium series. Happy reading!

    Katie ~ TurnersAnticsWWW

  4. Congrats on nearly being done with finals – that’s such an awesome feeling! :)

    Great choices; I’m impressed you are still reading so much despite finals. lol

    Here’s my a href=””> WWW

    Brandy @ A Little of the Book Life

    • I have to, otherwise I’d go crazy! I like to take breaks between prepping for finals to read fun stuff, since I find it helps my brain chill out ;-) Thanks for stopping by :D Off to check out your post!

  5. Congrats on almost being finished with finals. I remember that being such a HUGE relief in my college days. I hope you have a great Christmas break celebrating with tons of great reading. I’m on a big push now to finish a lot of books that I had started earlier while at the same time trying to keep from picking up and starting too many new books, lol! At the rate I’m going Dec. may be my most productive reading month of the year.

    • Haha, the downside of grad school is that being done with finals just means plenty of time to do more research, but since I enjoy research, it’s not such a downside ;-) And since the boyfriend and I will be driving home for the holidays (and he’ll be doing most of the driving), I’ll have plenty of time without internet when I can just read :D The call of new books is always so tempting, I completely understand! It’s not like you have to completely resist though, haha!

  6. typingtiara says:

    Yay for almost being done with finals! Tomorrow is my last day and really its just turning in a take home final and doing a quick presentation. [And of course, good luck on your exams!]

    Also, you’re making me really curious about Illona Andrews, I think I’m going to look for her books at my library once the semester is truly over. And I really really really hope your library gets Days of Blood and Starlight SOON. My fingers are crossed for you! And Red Madrassa looks so good. I just did an interview with the author awhile back, definitely going to be snagging a copy of her book to read. Irresistable!

    My WWW Wednesday

    • I just have one presentation yet, whew! Unfortunately it’s the most scary, but still not that bad ;-) Good luck on your presentation :D

      You must check out Ilona Andrews! “She” is actually a wife and husband writing team, but they write such fresh and original urban fantasy with characters that you can really connect to. I will read anything they write ;-)

      Off to check out your week :D

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