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WWW Wednesday #31

WWW Wednesday

This week was a little crazy with recovering from the holiday traveling and unpacking my new apartment! Oh and the whole getting ready to go back to school for the next semester thing…. I was good and got the first week’s reading done already :D.

What did you recently finish reading?

*cries* Nothing D: Since two of my current reads are so long, it’s been a little difficult to meet my normal book-a-week goal. I’ll try harder this week, I promise :D.

What are you currently reading?

Veil by Aaron Overfield Eye of the World Red Madrassa Days of Blood and Starlight

All right, still working on Veil and Eye of the World and they are both quite long :D. Veil is interesting ;-) A good book so far, but it probably could have been shorter, haha. I’ve also gotten into the guts of Red Madrassa and am really enjoying this fantasy, it is definitely living up to that gorgeous cover :D.  I just need to find more quality time with my Kindle to burn through this one faster! Finally, I picked up the audio of Days of Blood and Starlight that I had requested my library purchase and am so in love with this one already!!!

What do you think you’ll read next?

Entangled by Nikki Jefford Cinder

I have a bunch of Netgalley books that I need to read, so Entangled is up next when I get through with my blog tour books. Finally, I got a bunch of books for x-mas and I just can’t resist them all! I’m going to have to take a quite break from review books to read Cinder because it’s just calling to me so loudly!!

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these books? Get anything really exciting for the holidays that you just had to read right away??

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  1. Ooo, I have a copy of Red Madrassa on my Kindle! Now you’re tempting me to ignore all those review books [I’m doing that anyway, read five already this year and only two of them were for review!] and just skip straight to it. And Days of Blood and Starlight…have I mentioned recently how much I loved that book? Le sigh! So much love. xD

    My WWW Wednesday

    • Haha, I know how that goes! I see everyone enjoying their new books and I just want to put off my review books again, gah… I have to say though, you are probably safe postponing it further, it dragged a bit at the end :-/

      Days of Blood and Starlight on the other hand is freaking awesome and I am loving it!!!!

  2. I just finished Circle of Lies by Sara Dailey .(a great YA werewolf book)
    I am currently reading Indebted (The Premonition, #3) and Incendiary (The Premonition, #4) by Amy Bartol:)
    I will probably read Daughter of the Earth and Sky (Daughters of Zeus, #2) by Kaitlin Bevis and A Matter of Fate by Heather Lyons :)
    Good luck getting through your tour books, January was a busy month for them for me too! I’m looking forward to reading some of my 2013 much awaited releases siting in my TBR pile!
    Check out my WWW:

    • Oo, those all sound really awesome, how are you liking the two you are currently reading? Yeah, what is it with tours and early in the year huh? Almost done though, and then I won’t feel nearly as pressured ;-)

  3. I really need to read Entangled, too. I have it on my Kindle, lost in a sea of books. Your current reads look great! Hope you continue to enjoy! Here’s my WWW:
    Megan @ Love, Literature, Art, and Reason

  4. Great books this week. I know time seems to get away and reading gets put off. Love the cover of Veil and it sounds interesting. I have Entangled and Cinder both to read, hopefully will get to them soon. Happy reading and thanks for sharing.

    Katie ~ TurnersAnticsWWW

    • Exactly, but this week has been better, so I’m making progress again :D Entangled is going to be next on the Kindle book list I think, yey!

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