How To Get A Job As A Professional Writer

There are a lot of people who would love to be writers but it is a lot easier said than done. The first thing to do regarding how to get a job in Mississauga as a writer would be to practice typing fast. It is a good thing there are a lot of programs that are fun and they let you practice your typing real fast. You are going to be in strange scenarios where you fight evil villains and the way you can bring them down is to type the words on them. There are short words and there are pretty long ones. The second thing would be to make a portfolio of all your published works. The more published works you have at online publications and community blogs, then the better it would be for your reputation. Of course, it would be great if your articles have a ton of likes and shares. It means a lot of people found your article pretty useful and they loved reading every single word of it.

There are a lot of websites that give jobs to professional writers. All you need to do is to become a member of those websites then put your CV there. You know a lot of employers would notice that right away and they would be the one to contact you when an opportunity in their company comes up. Also, you can apply to open jobs in that website when you see something that you really like. When you have been writing for a long time, you have the right to command a high salary. Some companies pay per article while some pay by the hour. It would be up to you to choose which ones you would want to apply for. The more job vacancies you apply for, the better it would be since you have a lot of options to choose from.

Don’t forget to get referrals from other professional writers. Writers may be known as introverts but it pays to have a lot of connections in this industry. You can find out where they are working and if their salaries are high. If it is high enough, you know you can apply there too if there are openings that match your skills. If you wrote for numerous digital magazines, then you must be recognized as a professional writer. You should never settle for low salaries that are fit for newbie writers. Besides, writing is like other jobs where you can command a lot of money when you have been doing it for quite a long time. Also, you can include copies of your past works in your portfolio so the HR manager would know what kind of a writer are you. There are some writers who like to do research while some would prefer putting in their own opinions into that matter. Besides, it would be awesome when you get a job you have wanted for a long time and it does not command much.

How To Keep Your Dog From Disturbing You While You’re Writing

It might be the fact that you are a good writer whose passion is writing and it also helps you to earn your bread and butter. If it is the case, then it will be imperative for you to sit at the desk and concentrate while thinking of the assignment ahead of you. However, apart from writing you might also be an avid lover of dogs and have already a pooch at your residence.

It is the propensity of every dog to bark incessantly once they feel bored or they become scared of something. The same thing might happen if somebody comes to your house that is unknown to your pet. In fact, your furry friend is also not an exception to this.

You might be trying to concentrate while writing at the desk and your dog is perhaps disturbing you while doing so. He might be feeling hungry or he might be looking for getting affection from his master. If it is the case, then it will be impossible for you to focus on your writing whatsoever. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned how it will be possible to prevent your dog from disturbing you while you are writing.


In case you react differently while your dog is barking excessively, then it will make them confused in the long run. Make it a point to stick with the identical response to the similar type of behavior, and also make certain that other members of your family perform the same.


In case your pooch is scared, feeling uncomfortable, or is in pain, then it is natural for him to behave unnaturally. Try to make your dog comfortable and take care of any health or environmental issues that might cause him to behave aggressively.


In case your pooch has started disturbing you only recently while you’re writing or doing any other work, it will be imperative to take the help of your vet for addressing any health condition. They will be the best person to rule out any injury or medical condition that might be causing your pet to behave in this manner. They can also assist you in developing an effective action plan depending on the requirements of your pooch. In fact, the plan will depend on the age of your dog as well.


As mentioned earlier, a dog might start barking or disturbing his owner because of fear, loneliness, or perhaps attention-seeking reasons. If feasible, try to get rid of that particular trigger from the life of your pet and start behavior modification training. Begin with some basic commands such as “sit” and “down” so as to shift your dog’s focus from behaving aggressively. Also, provide him with treats and rewards whenever he is behaving properly. Teach him the “quiet” command so that he becomes quite as soon as you say it.

Hopefully, all these above-mentioned tips will help you to prevent your dog from disturbing you while you are writing.